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mission impossible

Carol  ·  Sep. 21, 2011

i think if i were to say the thing i hate most about is the vulnerable position i put myself in terms of meeting the needs and the expectations of many different people. if i was a normal person working 9-5, coming home to a private life of watching tv, maybe going for a hike, taking out my garbage and plucking my one is pretty much going to give a shit about anything i happen to normally do.

but as soon as i got into rescue all of that changed. people now think they know what i am supposd to think, how i am supposed to act, what i am supposed to say, what i should feel and what i should or should not do. and it is is not just the detractors or the people who don't like is everyone...even those who really like and respect me.

there is not a single staff or volunteer here that will not tell you that they don't always agree with me...or even that they don't always like me. it is a given....take the work that we do...and that i happen to be the person responsible and 1+1=2. and 2 being that it is my ass and my back on the line to differing opinions and judgements.

it is not a fun place to be. i know most people innocently think this is about carol the angel or carol the saint but honestly it is really more about carol the crazy, carol the not friendly, carol the bitch, carol the not doing this the way someone else happens to think.

i know everyone is of the opinion that their way of doing things is infinitely better, saner, more efficient, more caring and if i just did things the way they want me to...everything would be so much easier and better.

and do you know how many differing opinions there are on every single aspect of here...from how many which kind of what is placed or not placed under the food and water bowls, to where each bed or bowl should live and how many fleeces or blankets should be in each bed?
if all of the decisions were left to someone else...things would be far different here...yes there would be less animals but which animals actually would be here?

depending on people's personal preferences and natural animal bonds..i highly doubt we would have rabbits, chickens or cows...we might have far fewer or far more cats or more or less big or small dogs and i know we wouldn't have budgies or a turkey....and probably not any sheep...simply because most people don't even think they exist in the real animals deserving or needing rescue heirachy.

and here is the crux of it all...i don't always make the best decisions and i don't always do everything perfectly right...most of the time i do try to do too much and sometimes i simply don't do enough.

so i know a good portion (but not all) of those opinions and judgements floating around me on any given day have value and are worthy of consideration but i can't be all things to all people..i can't exactly meet the hundreds of differing and unique expectations and beliefs that each person has on what saints is...who saints helps, how saints does it every single day.

it is mission impossible, the battle is lost before it even began....all i can do is the best for each of the animals as i possibly can.



Hi'' Carol and all who kindly helped with the pups ' i thought you'd like to know that Dasha was adopted , a nice family '' and keeping our pawz crossed they all will be soon .. cheers Polly '


shit, how many people would you have liked to say fuck off to today? i know the last thing you want is someone elses opinion...but here goes....tell em to fuck off! we should be able to use the words "fuck off" more. and, on the flip side, people should be able to tolerate being told to fuck off. it doesnt mean, hey i dont like you, it just means, my life not yours and im not interested in your opinion right now. its not intended to hurt feelings. like motley crue once said dont go away mad, but just fuck off!


Really?I have seen first hand how much you sacrafice to help these gentle loving creatures.Anyone who thinks they can do better ought to step up or bite their tongue.I thought it was very kind of Colin to offer you holidays in thanks for all you do cause thanks and a good turn is what you and the volunteers there deserve.


I completely agree & hear what Carol is saying.
I have learned that in rescue *everyone is a critic* and no matter what you do, someone, somewhere will hate you. You are the rescue in their eyes so any beef they may have with the rescue, it is you they will hate or rage out on.
If one wants warm fuzzies or a pat on the back, it won't happen - all one gets is crap, criticized and told how horrible one is. You really have to be strong in yourself as to why you are there or doing what you are doing or you won't last a week.
People are the most cruel part of rescue in my experience anyways.


I agree with Bunny (it’s your foundation, it’s your home, you have worked in rescue – we have not)

Bunny Horne

OFF TOPIC - will there be 50/50 tickets at the GALA? Pub night the tickets sold out in a heart beat. If there will be a 50/50 draw - I'm looking for $50 - $80 worth - just giving you a heads up.

Bunny Horne

Carol - here's my two cents - it's your foundation, it's your home, you have worked in rescue - we have not. You are right when you say that some people don't even think that some of these critters should be rescued or provided the opportunity at a better life before they pass on. BUT those nay-sayers should spend 5 minutes with any of the residents of SAINTS. Should you have taken in Crosby a beat up old turkey? Just take a look at what a beauty she has turned into -almost fully feathered again, no longer too timid to leave her roost - why because you gave a shit - gave her a safe haven, food and water - she didn't ask for much. Just look around - Dim Tim - should you have welcomed him? Spend 5 mintues watching him with Floyd and the answer is clear. These ducks have smiles on their faces. The goats???? Ever heard Gilbert talk to you, or seen a glint of recognition in Edith's eyes, played with Chewy.... The horses? Look into Pop's eyes, watch Gideon hassle MO for his lunch... The list is endless. I challenge anyone to spend 5 minutes with any of the SAINTS and you would have to have a heart of stone to not feel moved by any of them. There is NOT one that wasn't deserving of a better life - and a better life is exactly what YOU give each and every SAINT. Judge your decisions - I wouldn't dream of it.