Rescue Journal

i really missed theya last night...

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2011


i wish i was missing about 20 more....rescue is such a 2 edged, happy and yet still sad, kind of sword.

watching tv last night was sort of difficult without a remote control so we just watched "Thor" for like the 17th time.

merry has decided that she absolutely must sleep tucked up close beside me. i love that little dog but she is currently so icky i just can't forget what a moist scabby mess is currently actually touching me.

deep sigh again...maybe i might a little bit be...wishing i was also missing sweet merry.


Bunny Horne

Hi, Carol, from my facebook posting the other night I just received notification from the Pitt Meadows lawfirm BECKER LAWYERS that I can pick up a cheque tomrrow. I don't know how much the cheque is for but every penny is precious. We will bring it to the GALA on Saturday.