Rescue Journal is the day....

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2011

our biggest annual celebration of the lives that sometimes begin and end at saints.

i LOVE the video that shelley has made for the event, it was filmed over many months....i am not saying i did not cringe at a couple of things...(good many freaking dogs can possibly be crowded around in one shot...sigh..i was sharing mr chriistie peanut butter pirate cookies so everyone was there and look at my freaking old, crazy, rescue lady hair!!!)...but the video is totally honest and that's what i said i wanted...i wanted it to really portray daily life here at saints....the noise, the chaos...and underneath it all, just the true simplicity and yet incredible strength of the animal/human bond.
my very most favorite parts are of the kindness, compassion...the beauty and light of the people and the animals together and some well loved and greatly missed faces of animals no longer here......oh AND of griffin one moment being a total dick head and later on.... a big sucky goof. the raging, freaking scary beast and the very big softy baby in the very same dog depending on his current mood...too funny!

anyway..i hope everyone enjoys tonight, i know that i really will. my two most favorite things in the world are the senior and sick and pain in the ass animals here and all of the people who love them too.

HUGE thanks to the gala committee and shelley for all of the hard work for the last several guys all totally ROCK!!!!! now take a deep breath...relax and enjoy.... it will be is our cinderella animals magical spirit ball...they will all... past and present.... be with us tonight.



Wishing you all a wonderful night for the Saints! Wish I could be there with you but unfortunately I can't so have fun !!!!


okay this is it. i have an extra ticket for the gala that i can not use and would like to know if maybe one of the volunteers would like to go and if you live in mission i am taking erin and can also ;pick you up. please blog me if anyone is interested, and it really does not have to be a volunteer, they just work so effortlessly that it would be nice. who can pass up a free ticket and ride lol. i will also email jenn if she knows of someone. mu phone no is 8267287 you could also call here. zoe? wanna come?

cheryl and stef

we are sorry to miss the gala this year. Hope it is a great success.


I hope you will have a chance to post the video after tonight so those of us who are far away will be able to see the total wonderfulness of all the SAINTS. On a personal note, I also hope Ziggy is prominantly featured!