Rescue Journal

in last night's post i forgot to mention...

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2011

that jelly bean has gone off to foster care. she is still available for adoption but her new foster home is happy to keep her forever if her adoptive home never appears. jelly was originally found alone in a camping ground in maple ridge. there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she was abandoned. jelly was just one of those dogs who loved with all of her heart and she does not EVER wander away from the person she loves....she stays RIGHT at their side.
totally and completely a really great dog...the only strikes against her...her history of aggressive mammary cancer that we did successfully remove but which MAY one day come back...and her guarding of food bowls and occasionally toys around the other animals. her new foster home has no other animals living there so jelly is now free to safely not only bestow her heart again but to be with her new foster dad all of the time and everywhere that he goes. she is going to be so happy, she has found her very own person again that she doesn't have to share.

the volunteers were sad to see her go and especially KO because she and jelly were really great friends. but every animal who comes in here...deserves the best that we can find them and deserves to have their unique and special needs placed before our own. jelly has always just wanted her very own family and yesterday we were lucky enough to get her one step closer to living her dream.

yay for jelly bean!!!!!



Carol Ann

So happy for Jelly now she doesn't have to guard everything it 's all hers now. Sorry KO I feel your pain there have been a few I really loved and they went to great homes. But we still miss them.


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