Love on a leash, Bless your pet and the AVIVA community fund contest

Jenn  ·  Sep. 26, 2011

Here is some info on some upcoming events and contests ...

Party with your pooch

Tuesday, September 27th. That's Tomorrow night! is the Love on a Leash Trusted Dog Care Party with Your Pooch fundraiser! Don't miss this fabulous event raising funds for SAIN TS rescue and 1 at a Time Rescue. Location: The Waterfall Building - #205-1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. Time: 6:00PM Tuesday, September 27th

Bless your pet

Laura will be hosting a SAINTS information table Sunday October 2 (@ 4 p.m. at All Saints' Anglican Church 33077 Second Ave in Mission


AVIVA Contest

SAINTS is entered into a new online voting competition for the AVIVA Community Fund with IDEA# 10993: Helping Along The Human - Animal Bond.

Voting Round 1 begins in 6 days 12 hours! October 3 at 12 PM ET and ends October 19th. We are entered in the small (up to $50K) category. There is a great write up about our organization and idea as well as a great short video too so check it out. We really hope to win this. There is a lot of other great ideas too but we really hope you will support saints and vote once a day for 15 days. The key is for everyone to register early and help us share our idea with as many people as possible. Please share this with everyone you know. If we make it into the semi-finals that will be great and we will then call on you again to vote and help us make it to the finals, when a panel of judges will decide on the winning ideas. I know we have a winning idea and that saints is very deserving of this fund.


The Aviva grant will allow us to care for the medical needs of those animals that come from homes that are broken because issues such as hording, substance abuse, inability to look after the medical needs of a pet comapnions, and medical and or mental issues of the pet guardian.

Sign up for my daily email reminder

If you would like to receive a reminder email from me once a day for each of the voting days, I am setting up an email list so please leave a comment with your email address or email me at . Thank you in advance for your support in this. You and your friends and family can help senior and special needs animals with just a click of your mouse each day. We did it for the Pepsi Challenge, lets do this again :) ya team SAINTS!

and join and invite all of your friends to our Facebook event page:

How do you vote?

To vote you'll need to register first. Once you're registered and signed in to the site, all you need to do is click on the Vote button on any Idea page.Register Now

Or, if you registered through your Facebook account, you can vote directly from the Aviva Community Fund Facebook page at

How often can you vote?

You can cast all 15 of your votes at any time within each round, but you can only vote for each idea once a day.

Click to register and check out our idea:



Please add me to the daily reminder list ( Thank you so much. Also, the Shelter Challenge starts again on Monday, October 3.


hi ian and mary!!! i have no idea how this works...never been to one before but be sure to let me know. are you coming to the one in mission and are you popping up to say hello??????? i won't be home from work until around 530? not sure what time it ends?

Ian and Mary

I am taking Lola to the animal blessing tomorrow. Does anyone know how it works? Do you just file in with your animal and leave after the blessing or do the animals stay for a service?

I haven't been in a church since the seventies!


please add us to the list, reminders are always helpful

Carol Ann

2 votes from our house every day for sure no reminder needed thanks


Please add me to the daily reminder list. . Thank you.