Rescue Journal

whoever thought up this not very bright.

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2011

i suppose even the god's can be subjected to major brain here is their biggest one....

i just woke up with day 5 of a headache, this one started last thursday...give me a break! i thought i was done..i haven't had a major headache in at least three months!

by last night the bed buddies were really irritating me....fergie's stupidity, merry's ickiness, tina's incessent excited screaming, jerry's bitchiness...even mystic's cheerfulness was too much. i had to get up and out to get away from it all for awhile.

it the time i went back to bed, i was better, they were no longer pissing me off and even tho i STILL have a far this morning i am still in a decent mood. this however is subject to change.

you have to accept responsibility here for bad may not actually be my fault that i have a 5 day headache but it isn't the animals fault either so i try NOT to make them pay. if i feel myself going south and getting is my job to find some way to put the bad mood away. i can lose it for a couple of minutes and yell at them to all shut the hell up..but that is my big signal that the real problem is coming from me and i better do something about it damn quick.

i have no patience for humans who continually cast blame everywhere around them and infect the very air everyone has to breathe with high tension, discontent and extreme negativity. it sucks for everyone else who is stuck being around ruins everyones mood.

figure it out and either fix it or get the hell out til you do.

my problem this week is not just the is the coming and going of menopause that just won't freaking gives you a headache, it sucks out your sense of humour, it drains your patience and drives you insane. it is like this runaway train of hormones and you can't reach the freaking brakes!

there is no way that god is a woman cuz no woman would ever dream up never ending menopause...we would have it over and done with in a day. we think fairly efficiently about this kind of shit....suffer for 24 hours, get it over with and then move on.

and this was hard for some all knowing celestial to figure out???
give me another break....someone had a bleached blonde moment that just goes on and on....thx so much.



Don't talk to me about menopause! Sometimes I want to kill someone or eat to oblivion or cry for no reason. No God it NOT a woman FOR SURE.

francesca Wilson

Hi Carol, Marie and I will be there tomorrow, Wednesday. Marie is phoning you in the morning before we come to talk about something!


he is younger..janice thinks maybe he is a year or so old. he has been fed ok where ever he came from.


In the photos Brad would appear to be quite a bit smaller than Ellie. Is he just young or was he starved in his previous life?