Rescue Journal

the proverbial shooting

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2011

oh yay..i am i would like a bed day!

has anyone found anyone kind and great to adopt those poor pigs???? PLEASEEEEE...

i am starting to freak here...what if no one wants them, even after what they have had to live thru? what if they can't find a really good home??? after living in that shit hole that utterly heartless human monsters consigned them to...there has to be some kind of restitution ...some kind of compassionate fairness in the universe that circles and protects them now....doesn't there?

and yes i am totally selfishly freaking out over myself too...please god don't make me shoot myself yet again.

i know everyone thinks i won't literally do it but trust me the proverbial shooting of myself happens quite regularly...i have more god damn bullet holes in my head than i care to count.


you can save two pigs and one carol with one simple act of ongoing's a three for one for truly great karma!



Hi Erin. I'll make sure all the bedding is clean on Friday. That way unless someone has barfed all ya got to do is shake it out. Anything that needs washing leave in the bottom basket. That is laundry for all of them - FeLeuks, Sidney and Monty. I usually take the FeLeuks dishes home to wash and put Sidney and Monty's in with the cats' dishes in the MP room. But if you use bleach I would think all the dishes can be washed together. Cliff really likes his Digestive Comfort kibble so I usually make sure the dish in the window beside the bunny room's outside door is filled with those. Its the pale green bag in the plastic FeLV food container.


Sorry, pretty sure our city bylaws won't let me have pigs :( Hoping they find an awesome home soon.


hey carol,jenny has put me in the new felv cat/bunny room on saturday, just a question, any precautions? food dishes must be kept on each side, laundry goes home with helga thats it right?


Hi '' Polly is delivering tonight if its ok i have food and a few other things ok ''? any one there ? cheers just let me know '' i figure between 5 pm and 8 pm ok? or call me cell 604 916-1635 or 604 467-1635

Lori Paul

Pot bellied pigs may have rescue organizations but I doubt you'll find any sanctuary for Charlotte & Wilbur. Personally, I think a short life, lived well and with kindness, for awhile (thanks to Saints) then ended humanely, resulting in pork for your freezer (or someone else's if you just can't stand the thought of it) makes the most sense but I realize this option sounds cruel and barbaric to those who love pigs (and are possibly vegetarian as a result). I realize this is against Saint's philosophy of rescue and I hope I don't upset people with this comment, it's just my opinion for what it's worth :) The cost of keeping large pigs, possibly for 10-15 years will make adoption very expensive ...but here's hoping a wealthy hobby farmer materializes against all odds!


Isn't there a pig rescue around here?I mean like in B.C. I though I heard of one called Hearts and Noses.