Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 29, 2011

it is my last night of vacation..i have it all planned bath, comfy pj's (done) chocolate and baileys, (working on it) my personal laundry (working on that now too.)

i never did finish up the shop... too much going on around here every day but i have days off next week so maybe then i can get it done.

jelly is fine, no worse for wear..she weathered the confusion and loss ok...thank you to camilla for caring for her so well and helping her thru it. for now everything surrounding her is on hold for a bit..she does need some down time without any more big changes. she came home and ate a big meal (because she was stressed she hadn't eaten in three days.) and slept for several hours, she just needs some quiet and predictable time while she sorts herself out.
and please everyone refrain from over sympathizing with point in creating huge problems for her by treating her like an emotional cripple...just treat her like everyone else...the last thing she needs is to develop seperation anxiety due to surviving 2 huge losses that we know of and then having us reinforce her fear by burying her in sympathy. if we don't unintentionally mess her up, jelly will be fine.

yoda is home from the vets..he lost all of his teeth so he will need a couple of soft canned feedings every day. he is on pain meds and antibiotics, he should feel better in a couple of days.

abby has a really good potential home coming to meet her from kamloops this weekend. hopefully it goes really well. abby is a perfect example of treating a dog like they are totally normal and in a few days..poof...she is a perfectly normal and happy dog. i really like her a lot..she is a very good little dog!

well i guess i better go fold my first load of laundry and finish off the meds and insulins. back to work tomorrow so once again we will be on a tight morning schedule to get everything done so i am not late for work.

i decided to keep tina at home tonight and drop her off at the clinic for her surgery on my way in to work in the morning. i have a feeling if i left her there this afternoon..she would have maybe screamed her head off and not been very popular. better to let her scream arround here tonight and take her in tomorrow when she will be pre-sedated pretty quick.



I'm hopeful for Abby. She is beautiful and it would be great to know their is a SAINT in Kamloops!