Rescue Journal

and then there are the happier ones...

Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2011

chance is back for the weekend..the mongolian monster's foster family is away for a few days. sara told me he is now pretty much biting everyone except for sara and jeremy. i just don't get it..he is so good and sweet whenever he comes here. so today there he is smiling and happily shrieking as he drags himself across the floor to keep himself always right at my feet. he does not give a shit about the giant legs and bodies in his way, he just slides and zips right between. and chance moves quickly..that little crippled dog refuses to actually be crippled.

anyway..i am glad he is home for the weekend...i really like chance..he is fun and funny and sweet and he REALLY likes coming to stay for the weekend and i really like having him...the mongolian monster is just too freaking cute!!

minnie pearl is screaming at me while i am writing this and eating my dinner at the very same time (i am multi-tasking!) anyway..i am having soup for dinner and i told her...minnie pearl i can't share soup so please shut up! all that happend was tess joined her in yelling at me because apparently tess thinks that soup is share-able too. both of those dogs think nothing is really ever completely impossible.

they are probably right and i was getting full anyway so i gave the soup bowl to phoebe to finish off..she was sleeping in her zen den so she had the privacy that soup slurping needs without a free for all over a single half full soup bowl with all of the other dogs happening. i told them, i know they both want it and i am sorry but..i am simply being practical not totally is safer to just give it phoebe, plus she wasn't screaming at me!

the pathology is back for dear is a very highly aggressive mammary cancer. we are to watch her for any returning tumours, for weight loss, shortness of breath and is going to show itself again somewhere, we just don't know how long she has got. in the meantime charlie is pretty damn happy too so for now that will have to be good enough.

tina is home from her surgery...6 dental extractions and a mammary tumor removal..the pathology will be back on that in a couple of weeks..hopefully it is not any big deal.

early this morning when i was leaving for work, i looked out into the riding ring to check on the barn guys in there...the cows were all up and out of the barn, standing side by side and touching noses with brad pitt pig...i guess they were all saying good morning to him. i think that pig likes everyone he meets...he is a super nice and very social pig!

argghhhh! tess is STILL yelling at me. she is on the other side of the kitchen door now and she thinks she should be in here with me (even if the soup is now gone.) i think differently cuz as soon as i am done blogging, i am heading into the laundry room to fold up the stuff in the dryer. so i think she should just shut the hell up and wait til i get there instead of throwing a fit.
good lord that dog is freaking stubborn (but she is freaking funny in her stubborness too!!!!)



ahhh but erin...she feels Good right now...she has no idea what is coming down the pike...(do any of us?)so today she thinks, is pretty damn ok now (she just had some little ceasars bistro food...mmmm good!) life is all about today..not tomorrow or yesterday.


are you friggin kidding me? charlie had a shitty life wherever she was and she finally gets the rescue she deserves and life just shits all over her again. whatevers on the other side of that rainbow bridge better be friggin awesome for animals like her.