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so i am wondering if...

Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2011

any of the weekend warriors would be into committing some time (while they are already extra time is involved) in mentoring and working side by side with youth at risk. we periodically take youth involved with the justice dept. for community service hours. i think this is an important thing we can do to give disenfranchised youth a positive experience working with animals. i see the saints animals as a bridge that can re-connect the disconnected back to their families and communities...the animals give them something to talk about, thoughts and questions and experiences to has to be a really good thing. it can literally open a closed door back for them.

the only qualification you need is a genuine respect, appreciation and liking for young humans...i personally think they are pretty damn neat!!!

if anyone is interested..please let me know asap. thx.



Hey Carol - I'd be happy to mentor one of these young people. Last Sunday (Oct.2) I worked with Samantha and she was great - she LOVED the bunnies. I believe she's coming back next Sunday, so if she wants to continue working with me, that would be great.

Nicole N.

Hi Carol,

Sorry, I'm a little behind in the blog as I am in Hawaii about to get married... YIKES.

Anyway, I am away this upcoming long weekend but back at er the weekend after. I would really like to spend some time with one of these kids if you are still looking for volunteers.

Give Mystic a big kiss for me on Saturday. I miss the whole gang at saints, but am particularily sad to not be there for that sweet puffy puppy's birthday :-(



A few years ago, as part of the FVHS, I started an animal shelter at Ferndale Institution. This is a minimum security federal prison. Most of the inmates had done hard time for serious crimes such as murder.
I had a crew of inmates working with me and what I saw over time was amazing.
Long term inmates are shut down emotionally, they have to be, but they can show love and tenderness to an animal without appearing weak. I had hardcore men breakdown crying as they allowed themselves to feel again. Men who had totally given up slowly started to feel they had something to give to cats who needed them.
I stood up for a lot of them in front of the parole board and told the story of how fantastic the inmates had been with vunerable animals. To this day I hear from some of them who want to let me know they have stayed 'straight'.
I will never forget the experience.