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i am looking for a good and reliable cement contractor...

Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2011

that one from last week never showed up. and we absolutely have to get that shed floor poured with cement asap. even if those 2 sad pigs do find a safe place somewhere else to land (please god make this happen!!!) we still will need it because brad pitt is now living in the goats winter stall spot so we are one barn animal bedroom short.

if anyone knows anyone good out in the mission/abbotsford area please send me their contact info, it will be greatly appreciated. going thru the phone book isn't working so great. we are not looking for a freebie...just someone fair, reliable and who does his job really well.

please do not put cat food bowls out on the shelves in the computer room outside cat run..those gawd damn raccoons were back last night, hanging from the wire, shoving their hands thru and grabbing the food and driving the dogs totally nutz. the cats can have one bowl of dry food over on the cat post well away from little paws reaching thru the wire.



Great. I didn't receive an email yet, but I also sent Jenn an email, so in case I don't receive one from you by tomorrow, you can get my email from her. Small world! That's actually how we learned about SAINTS was when my husband did the concrete there and he took my daughter and I there to see "the HUGE pig"!


omg kerry!!!...i have been asking around for the past week trying to remember who did our cement work before cuz i really LIKED them!!!! over several years...they did the mp building, then the main barn stalls and then poured the concrete in the cow was a really nice crew!
email sent!!!!!

yaY brenda..SOOOOOOOO glad you are home!!!!!! and it just so happens that one of the youth will be here tomorrow with her mentor too! i will tell them to ask for you!!!!


Carol; I can help out with your request re: working with youth at risk when I'm at SAINTS on Sundays if you still need people. No big deal!


Hi to all house volunteers! I just got back from Ontario today, and am not too bagged, so I will be in tomorrow morning after all!! Sorry for short notice - and Tammy, I will bring the $ for the t-shirts tomorrow too. See you all then. Brenda


Hi Carol,

I volunteer on Saturdays in the cat area with my 6 year old daughter Camryn. We were there today and found out about the need for a cement contractor. It just so happens that my husband does concrete for a living! In fact, he did a job for SAINTS about 4 years ago. I think it was the outside stalls. Send me an email and I'll give you the contact phone number.