Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2011

abby went off to her new great home in kamloops today! as always the first couple of weeks are a trial while everyone see how it goes. YAY ABBY AND SANDY!!!!!

charley went off into permanent foster care with carol anne today. she is going to have a very great home for whatever time she has left. YAY CHARLEY, DIONNE AND CAROL ANNE!!!!

and today was the big day that brad pitt's stray holding period ended...he was available for transfer to us at noon and by 2 pm, i had gone in and done the paperwork. he is now a forever safe and deeply loved sainted pig!!! in celebration i stopped on the way home and bought brad and ellie and wilbur some cupcakes. i think probably none of them have ever had cupcakes before so it seemed like a good way to happily mark brad's joining our saints pig family. they ALL now know that they REALLY like cupcakes!!!!

thank you laura for putting the barn guys to bed for me..i was late due to buying cupcakes for pigs and 16 (aka a weeks worth of ) mini pizzas for cherry pit. wonder everyone likes it here..i feed them some pretty fun food.

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter lindsey..i suck as a mother because i can't squeeze out the time to see her til next friday when i take her and cam out for dinner (i am ditching the combo family thanksgiving and lindsey birthday dinner cuz i have to get home after work to take care of here) BUT...lindsey, i AM thinking of how much i love you!!!!!



thx so much dionne, that is so nice!!!!..but it is not just the barn guys that are the problem this time around...i am on the early shift mon/tues which means i get home just after three...go back into maple ridge at 430 for 5pm dinner without being able to do any of the bedtime stuff, get home around 8(hopefully!) and still have all of the meds, diabetics and bedtime feedings...the diabetics will get their bedtime insulins far too late for me to give again the next morning before i leave here at 6am for work again. it is really more the combination of early shift and insulin timings this time that is screwing up dinner with my family...but thx so much for the offer, maybe another time?


Carol I can do barn bedtime thanksgiving if you want to have dinner with your family.


Congratulations Brad, I am over the moon you found your home at SAINTS. LUCKY and LOVED boy! :)))


too funny...and have you seen how many granola bars are in the feed room????? there is enough to feed an entire platoon...(bunny!!!!)

mo said oh..those are just for edith...yeah right one 30 pound goat needs 200 granola bars!

just for the record..the barn folks are way weirder than me!

Carol Ann

Sorry I made a mistake she buys muffins not cupcakes, ---blueberry, banana etc etc. lol

Carol Ann

How can you not give those pigs anything they want? Brad Pitt is soooo sweet and sociable. I think I'm in love. So happy he is safe and staying.

Carol Ann

ha ha ya Curt no one does that for me lol. Charley is doing great. The girls rushed her and she told them to back off and it was over. Everyone is getting along just fine. She is so quiet and sweet we hardly notice she's here. And I'm pretty sure the pigs have had cupcakes before. I won't mention a name lol she spoils them all week.