Rescue Journal

speaking of sweet stuff....

Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2011

october 5th is mystic's first birthday. normally i don't celebrate the animals birthdays..mostly because i don't know them and somewhat because i don't really care. BUT since i was worried that our puffy baby wouldn't live to see her first birthday...this time i really DO care..i am so very happy she is still with us and doing so very

next saturday there will be a giant growing up and STILL healthy, happy puppy birthday cake here for mystic and all of her dog and human friends to share.

if you are free...stop on by...mystic gets the first piece as soon as we get the work around here done....(usually around noon or so.)

(it seems i celebrate all of the birthdays of those i love least i am consistent!)



Yay Mystic! Good week for me to come in on Saturday... wonder what she wants for her birthday... maybe a TV remote? Haha


Carol -- we have some leftover meds & supplements. Can you use them?

- Rubenal (for chronic kidney disease) - about 40 pills x 300 mg tablets

- Marin (a milk thistle/vitE supplement for dogs with liver disease) - about 20 pills x (small to med size dogs)

- Cholodin (to help with canine cognitive dysfunction - works for some dogs, apparently, but no noticeable difference for others) - about 90? pills

- Leftover bag of pill pockets, misc small bags of kibble (mostly opened), canned food, dog treats (mostly opened).

- Revolution - 1 small tube.

If you can use these I'll be happy to box them up and send them to you. There may be other odds and ends I missed in this list too.