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Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2011

mo said that june exploded when she was FINALLY let out to run with the barn crew again...10 days post surgical recovery was a very long time for her to be stuck in the house. mo said the first thing she did was throw herself in the pond.

both saturday and sunday the house folks reported as soon as i got home for lunch that poor buddy was depressed and laying in his bed looking sad....they saw that only lasts til i get in the house, then the old fool turns into mr happy maniac dog. today after i got home for lunch he was chasing after benny and running around playing..there is something about me that just turns that dog on! i wish we could find him a great home with someone who wasn't so busy...then he could be the goofy fool way more every day. he really is a very nice dog.

chance went back to his foster home tonight...i sort of miss him...that little hairy mongolian monster gremlin just makes me smile.

when i got home tonight. someone had knocked over the food bowl all over the kitchen..benny was very helpful and just laid right down and ate it all up in a couple of minutes..thx saved me from having to sweep!

it took a full hour and a half to do the barn/mp building bedtime/let the house dogs out for a pee routine...AND it was dark by the time it was all done...holy is actually fall now..where the heck has this year gone????? bath...finish up the laundry..(ooops...someone forgot a big black garbage bag full that they had packed up and were apparently taking) but thats ok...just one load to wash and 3 loads to dry and fold and i can get thru that ok before bedtime....oh...and i am kind of hungry.



Buddy sounds like a very special dog. Is there a picture of him anywhere? I tried to find one but couldn't.

Carol Ann

OMG Carol I want buddy too but I will look like a dog hoarder. Poor Charley needed me more I think. But I love that dog. Hope he gets a good home soon. It's breaking my heart. I can totally see how a shelter starts. There are so many in need. Hang in there Buddy.


He also likes bananas,strawberries and grapes....just ask Shelley....she snuck up to Saints late in the afternoon to meet Brad and brought a load of goodies....I think our boy is a lot spoilt!! :)

Bunny Horne

Hi Carol as you know Brent and I spent a lot of time with Brad Pitt yesterday. He is such a sweetie. He was so excited to have company and friends that he got a bit over excited. He almost took me off my feet trying to squeeze between my legs like Al does. He did get a bit pushy wanting to help Brent repair the fence. He really likes attention and people oh and apples, carrots, granola bars.


I made a big bag of laundry to take home today and forgot it in the laundry area...oops! My bad, sorry!