Rescue Journal apologies to the house folks...

Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2011

i got most of yesterdays laundry thru...BUT.... i just put the last load in now so the dryer is full, there is a wet load waiting to be dried yet and the washer is doing the last load. sorry for the back fault. i made the loads too big to try to push them thru last night and they just are not drying too quick!

the good news is all at least leftover and ripening gawd awful stinky laundry fermenting!



Yeah sure Lynne; You knew I was coming in today after being away so long, so decided to leave me on my own in the house!!! Just kidding - Ann and Zoe and Ashley were all there with me today, but we did miss you and were hoping all was ok. Glad to hear from you. See you next week. P.S. We made sure Bambi and all the big dogs got their bowl of food at lunchtime - don't worry!


and i have to apologize to the house group. i could not make it out today, i have only just got home now. i was helping my sister in van move yesterday, only it seems it was a two day ordeal, and i do mean ordeal, but i love her to bits so it was okay. i am so sorry, but we had no phones, no interet, sorry anne and whoever was out there. am missing my sweet big bambi and all the rest. hopefully will get out there during the week. so so sorry.

Carol Ann

Sorry I was so excited about Charley coming home I forgot to bring laundry home.