Don't forget to vote for SAINTS

Carol  ·  Oct. 3, 2011

The Aviva and the shelter challenge started today.

Vote once a day for 15 days for SAINTS. We need as many votes as possible to make it into the next round. Please share and encourage fellow animals lovers to help give senior animals a second chance.

For the shelter challenge you also vote once a day but this one goes though to December.

Vote for S.A.I.N.T.S. Mission, BC

Thank you in advance for your support!



Right now SAINTS is tied for the 10th most voted idea. We need to stay within the top 10 ideas to move onto the next round after Sept 19.


Think positive...we will go before the judges!!The insurance co. in Mission that is an Aviva broker is Johnston Meier Ins. I can go in and talk to them and see if they are interested in supporting a local idea and if so I would switch my home & auto ins to them.


I think nicole is working on getting a voting button added to the side of the blog or website.


Oops meant click on broker support. I will then fill in the info for my insurance needs as though I live in Mission and pick that insurance company as being close to me.


This is how the site explained broker supported

“Broker supported” ideas are ideas that have been submitted or voted for by an Aviva contracted Brokerage. All Broker supported ideas are given a special bonus opportunity to get their idea funded if their idea makes it to the Judging phase of the competition.

To become eligible for this extra chance at funding your idea, all you have to do is opt in to the Broker competition when you create your idea and collect at least one vote form an Aviva contracted Broker.


It sounds like the broker help doesn't kick in until your idea goes before the judges. When I clicked on broker supported it asked me questions about what kind of insurance I was interested in and realized I was going to get a call for insurance and then that made me wonder how much help would I get if I didn't sign up for insurance so I didn't opt into the broker option. Laura, if you would like to ask the Aviva broker if they would like to support us as long as it is not tied to purchasing insurance then you can give me the name of the insurance company and address and I will go in and click on them.


Hey, I was wondering if we have a broker supported idea if that helps our chances more...if so I can approach our local insurance agent that is an Aviva broker.


Thanks a lot Jenn for being such a "techie" - My computer skills are on a need to know basis only! - so I really appreciate the help.


That wasn't me that did that - that was Jenn coming up behind me and posting a better post. The SAINTS site doesn't like me and it took me 5 minutes to get just the link posted and when my words didn't show up I didn't care anymore and just left a sad little post with a link. Also I haven't got a clue how to make that voting box show up.


Thanks for posting the yellow "voting box" here on the blog. I had no trouble voting for the Aviva contest this way. I had real trouble trying to vote for SAINTS going into the Aviva site myself. Much appreciated Sheila. - and I will continue to vote in the Shelter Challenge as well.