Rescue Journal

quickie updates before i head off to bed.

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2011

i am finally finished this set of 5 shifts...and now i have 5 off...this is my favorite part of my rotation! thx laura for checking the guys for me tonight...everyone seems to have weathered my afternoon shifts well.

kristy had her eye enucleation surgery today, she is home now (thx again to laura for taking her in and picking her up!)

papa john had his ultrasound today too. he goes in on friday for his stim test to confirm or deny a suspected cushings diagnosis.

tomorrow is brad pitt's castration surgery...i am a bit worried about it so please everyone send positive thoughts. i will be hanging out close to home during his intital anaesthetic recovery. luckily his pen is right by the shop so i can work in there while keeping an eye out on him.

i feel greatly relieved to finally know that the new pigs are actually coming here...i was feeling worried about them, i just feel so strongly that after what they have already been subjected to thru the unkind and uncaring and thoughtlessly cruel hands of man..that they do deserve some kind of a home where they will always be safe and well cared for. i am hoping that charlotte and wilbur...aka now willy (changing his name to willy cuz wilbur the sainted pot belly pig already has that name claimed up here!) will still find a great home. i am not making them permanent sanctuary animals yet...i am really hoping some hero will come forward and offer them a really great home. in any case in the mean time..i better hussle our collective ass and get their new house set up before friday!

moving back to plan A since plan B won't work anymore.

the one thing you learn to be in flexible. the best laid plans of mice and men change pretty quickly some days.