SAINTS is in 12th but needs to be top 10!

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2011

The Aviva community fund online voting contest started yesterday ... SAINTS is in it to win it! Hopefully 50K to help our expensive senior and special needs animals.

Every vote truly counts! 11 votes more and we could be in 10th place--top ten move onto the next round. It literally takes a second each day to vote. I encourage everyone to email their friends and family and send them daily reminders to vote once a day until October 19. SAINTS. To sign up for my daily reminder email me: :)

Click on this pretty badge to vote-add it to your favorites.

Thank you in advance for your support!

As a reward for your voting visit our facebook page and look at the pictures I just posted: these are the guys you are helping!!/media/set/?set=a.271665552856379.66045.117789878243948&type=1



Ooops. Thanks for pointing that out Jenn! I hadn't read that part. I really DON'T want to break the rules!! Forget my suggestion everyone!!


Aviva's rules are as follows

Each eligible person who registers gets fifteen votes for each of the three initial rounds and the Semi-Finals. You can use these votes for different ideas, or use them all for one single idea (note: you can only vote once a day for any given idea).

Aviva, the sponsor of the Aviva Community Fund competition, can disqualify any votes that they consider to be fraudulent or contrary to the Terms & Conditions.


Kerry I know your intentions are to help but please remember that the rules of of the contest is it is one vote per person and we do not want to condone any form of cheating. Please do not vote three times :) thanks for your support.


A great idea for some people, if they have the time, is to set up another email account, or two. I have my shaw account, but also have a hotmail and a gmail acct. So with those, I can actually vote 3 times a day. What a big difference! That's 45 votes in 15 days, instead of 15 votes!

Brenda S

Thanks Sheila, I was able to vote today as well. I tried too early this morning.


yes sheila I still have 14 votes left -so must be the 24hr clock. I will try again tomorrow. Thanks.


It might be because the site works on a 24 hour cycle.
For us on the west coast the cycle is is 9 AM to 9 AM. the next day. It is confusing - I voted today and I have a message saying I can vote again at 12 Midnight or 9 PM our time. Logging in should not cast a vote automatically. If you look on the right hand side there is a message telling you how many votes you have left. It is right under the continous clock.

Hope that helps a bit.

Brenda S

I got this message as well Liana. I wonder if just logging in casts a vote automatically. Anyone else?


I voted for yesterday,tried to vote today....says I have already voted today ???anyone else get this message?