Rescue Journal

i get tired just thinking about today...

Carol  ·  Oct. 6, 2011

4 new animals coming in...(2 cats/2 dogs)...the rent-a-fence coming in (which i am not sure is maybe not only not going to work very well, but may prove a hazard if the cows push it down)...maybe brads surgery...but maybe not too..(with the equine/farm vets if an emergency comes up, routine booked things get moved) have to be flexible around booked appointments (cuz if we had an emergency we would need help asap too.) then the meet/seek and greets surrounding dixie and flicka plus getting ellie's and pop's new houses set up so they can both move...there is A LOT happening is sort of freaking me out.

luckily laura is off today so she has offerred to come up here and help...between her and i directing animal rescue associated traffic..we should be able to manage it all pretty well.

the whole pig thing tho is concerning me...not so much wills and charlotte coming and fitting in...they are still babies (ok..big babies...but still...) so they are young enough to easily grow up here and fit themselves in. but at some point brad is also going to have to be set loose and blended in and he is a very large and full adult. plus he is starting to get frustrated with his confinement which doesn't really help....he will need a few weeks post-surgery for his hormone levels to go down. i think i will have to come up with a rotation schedule soon for him to be loose in the riding ring for part of each day so he doesn't go stir crazy from boredom....he is such a social pig and he wants to get out and do interesting things every day. but first lets get his castration done so we can move forward from there.

and i still haven't quite figured out how to shift everyone around to accomodate a 2 month confinement for a 9 month old giant puppy...pugsly can come to the house til his surgery but i am thinking a move to the office post-op for his recovery might be a good plan. then i just need to temporarily move puff daddy back to the corner of the mp room for a few weeks until pugs can handle the increased activity (like playing tackle dog with mystic and june and running around like a goof)

the new cats we are simply going to set up and close off in the back cat room and wait them out while we see how they do....i think putting them into the new communal cat area will be too overwhelming for them plus, that area is balanced in the numbers/personalities so i don't want to make it stressed or overfull.
i will probably always stretch us as far as we possibly can stretch to help an animal in need...but it is a lot of work and worry to ensure that not only the new incoming, but the ones already here...continue to get the things that they need.

ok..thinking on hold now..time for some action...fraser valley building supplies opens at 7 am..i need to get my butt down there to pick up some rebar to spike in the rent-a-fence before it is delivered at 8 am!

oh and updates on charlie and abby!...charlie has had her sutures out but her repeat bloodwork shows she still needs antibiotics for a couple of more weeks...carol anne says she is doing pretty well but her appeitie is down a bit.
abby is fitting in well in her new home..sandi reports that all is good...she really loves her and the resident cat has accepted her as well.

2 dogs out...two dogs in..we are stuck in the revolving dog door syndrome right now...i think we need a bit of a break around here.



Carol, do you have any recent updates on Tucker and Sherlock? I really miss those guys!

Bunny Horne

Carol, if you need Brent and I to help with resets we could be available Saturday morning. Just let us know so we can revamp our schedules. We are there on Monday for stat fill in barn duties - Bunny and I Brent was going to start working on your window retrofits so that you don't lose heat through the winter and fixing the kitchen cabinet door plus any other stuff that you've got for him.