Rescue Journal

so i think....

Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2011

mystic had the perfect birthday cake day...and did everyone else. birthday cakes are apparently a huge hit around here...the dogs, some of the cats and all of the pigs, thought birthday cake days are pretty damn good. even percy enjoyed licking a plate clean of icing...i have to ask tho...why waste your money on a cake that only dogs can eat cuz it is full of icky crap like liver? go for the gusto and buy a human friendly cake that everyone can is hugely popular amongst multi-species and much more cost effective too!

brad is doing ok post-op and he quite liked the cake today too. the little baby pigs liked their cake also and ellie liked her piece so much that jenn said she had a nice roll following consumption.

i tell you there is NOTHING in this world that gives me greater pleasure or a greater sense of satisfaction than more than a dozen kind hearted folks all sharing spoonfuls of birthday cake with a bunch of senior, wrecked, abused, neglected, abandoned or palliative.... homeless animals.

it fills up your soul til it almost swallows you whole.

thx everyone for filling me and the animals right up to the was a VERY good saints day today!

(and i think there might be some good pictures coming later today too!)



oh and happy birthday mystic you great big happy dog, and i just love the pic of the new dogs can not wait to meet them tomorrow. what about going to the pond. what are the rules on that. please blog


crap the one day jenn gave me off i had to miss a great birthday party, but i did get to take my dogs to the dike for a wonderful time in the sunshine. they sure loved it so i guess it was okay. see you all tomorrow.