Rescue Journal

happy thanksgiving!

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2011

since i am not spending this holiday with my beloved family...i am cheerfully contemplating knocking off any dog with an IQ of less than 5....oh wait! that would be all of them....hmmm yeah well...ok.

some idiot stick discovered that the rubberized dog bed pillow was stuffed with strips of fabric...all it took was a hole in the middle to make a giant mess. since it rained non stop today..the dogs all got wet so the house smells like wet stupid dog and the windows are all fogged up because of them too.

benny is laying in front of the food bowl, growling as he stuffs his face (like any dog in their right mind is even thinking about bugging him while he eats!)...june, pugsley, rumple and tess (tess? yes tess!) are playing rumble and rough house in the computer room and pissing off bambi, minnie pearl, daisy, buddy and yoda.

and i CANNOT remember if i gave dusty her insulin with her dinner..i am racking my brain, trying to visualize...did i pick up the syringe?...the insulin bottle?..did i draw it up? did i poke her? hole expanding...can't say if i did or i didn't. and i don't dare give her a dose in case i already did during a massive brain fart cuz she is on 36 units and a second dose could freaking well kill her.
better safe then sorry and risk her missing her dose tonight. i cannot believe my head is so empty...i would fail the 5 point IQ test too tonight....hmmm...yeah well... ok. if dead with the stupid dogs is the consequence... doesn't look so brain has already beat the rest of me to bad can it be?

oh..yeah...right....maybe forget it. i would be stuck with the stupid dogs for all eternity....not so yay.

i popped out to see dixie..she was happy to get her apple and then she went right back to getting to know sadie, her new next door neighbor. anyway she seemed absolutely fine to me.

flicka is doing well...she was a bit unsure at barn bedtime but came in when i called.

brent got ellie's new door in and put up the divider wall so tonight the goats and carl are sharing her little barn and under cover area and ellie seems happier with the company...i don't think she really liked being alone.

the cows have the two big under cover areas and access to one indoor single cow sized they can either take turns or see who gets there first (my money is on joy...she is pretty quick to get first dibs on prime inside spots)...percy and emily will probably get stuck with the undercover bedtime spots. we will have to close in the side of the one undercover area before winter for the big guys..but we have a few weeks to get that done. at least everyone has a dry and safe place to sleep tonight.

ok so i am as wet (and stupid) as the dogs are..time for a hot bath and some clean dry pajamas...small things make small minds happy...everyone, including myself... likes being warm, safe and dry!

(but i am kind of missing my family and the thanksgiving dinner pumpkin pie.)


Mauro Salles

Please, Carol! It's a holiday ( not for me, I'm working hard :) )! IQ less than 0.5 is a merciful criterion.


I didn't realize there was a difference between the smell of a wet dog as compared to a Stupid Wet dog. That's what keeps me comomg back to your blog Carol. I just about always learn something new here!


Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to you and the knuckleheads, Aunt Carol! Don't knock 'em all of tonight, though... save some for the morning :)