Rescue Journal

my poor head.

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2011

if anything is abused around's my freaking head. stevie has some kind of wierd growths growing around his eye and ear....spiffy's eye infection is better but it should be totally gone by now with the eye and oral antibiotics and daily flushings...they both go into the vets tomorrow.

charlie apparently has an upper resp. infection which i am assuming she got from the new spca seizure cats, but they were all well medicated/isolated for more than three weeks before we moved them all in hindsight...i suppose it was not long enough. so looking forward to an URI virus sweeping thru that pen....this may totally suck.

brad is all swollen from his surgery.. is it normal swelling or is something going on? how much post op swelling is normal after an adult pig's castration? probably a fair amount i would guess...he did have a long acting antibiotic injection so he should be covered against infection at least for now...but we will have to watch him carefully.

i heard via the grapevine (laura) that ellie had a fit tonight at bedtime and bent the shit out of the metal meshed gate...i am pretty sure miss princess pig wants back in the barn at for the third time in a week the poor staff are going to be moving her giant bed..this time into edith's stall (which when sparkles and petunia were alive, used to be ellie's stall, so i know she will fit in there ok.) we will trial edith with the sheep and see how that goes..she hangs out with them all day anyway so maybe it will work out ok. if ellie is unhappy with the current housing behooves me to fix it BEFORE she wrecks anything 800 pound pissed off pig can wreck a lot of stuff.

papa john does have cushings so we have to start his tricky loading doses of meds without sending him into an addisonian crises.

i need to start considering the possibility of euthanizing monty, the vet said today, his mouth is again hamburger meat...he said can maybe try a trial with one other drug but only if he will eat it in his food cuz medicating directly into his mouth hurts him so badly...i just cannot cause him any more pain. i have the first dose in his dinner tonight...if he won't eat it on his own, i probably should look at booking his final appointment. the problem is i really love this cat and i don't want to give up on him but i can't let him continue to live in pain when we can't seem to find the right answer for him and now we have absolutely tried everything.

pugsley did ok with his surgery...he will probably be home tomorrow.

i also think the time has come to have the big discussion with the vet about doris's quality of life because she is going to need her eye out within the next week or i put her thru it? do i let her go?...we have a vet appointment on saturday to discuss.

i missed seeing dixie today..i got stuck in a boring education session that went an hour past my shift end...she probably doesn't care but i do..i promised i would see her every day initially with her move.
no lie...there were 8 messages on my cell phone just from the three hours i was stuck getting boringly educated again....i am just not keen on new and mind boggling complicated computer programs eventually heading our nursing way...if i wanted to be a techie..i would have trained to be a techie but stupid me was actually trained to give hands on patient care...not spend hours upon hours glued to a computer terminal.

my head hurts and i am not in a great mood....everything is too freaking complicated right now.

remember that man who stopped by with his old rotti a few weeks back and i gave him some suggestions on places that might maybe be able to help her? big sigh but no big surprize..he couldn't find any help for her so he is calling back, she needs a place to go and he can't find any place for her.

arghhhh...somedays i could just scream in frustration..except then my head AND my throat would point in hurting myself twice.



Carole, if you could pick up 2 more 2x4's, each 8ft long, I will make another door for the one missing (we looked again and again on Monday and could not find it). I saw you had extra hinges and one more latch, so you're good there. And I guess I'll be straightening a gate. Bunny and I will be there this Sunday.


on the plus side, i changed the voicemail message, it took me about 30 minutes (i'm not exaggerating) to record it right, get everything needed said and not add and oh, crap in there when i stumbled over my words for the 20th time.

cheryl and stef

After our horses have been gelded they are extremely swollen. Our vet has always told us to make sure they move around alot. Not sure how much a little pig can move around but I think it is pretty normal for them to swell up. Hopefully it will be not too bad in the next few days.

Kelly B

Hi Carol-

I know it's hard to have Dixie away from you, but I just thought you'd like to know she's looking quite relaxed at Rick's place. Rick and I were in her stall today and I found her itchy place on her withers-her lips went all twitchy and she closed her eyes. She is very sweet.

I hope to run into you at the barn one day when you're out visiting Dixie.