Rescue Journal

i absolutely cringe....

Carol  ·  Oct. 13, 2011

when i come home from work and find my personal bed linens folded on the floor for pee pads.

there are a lot of different linens around here so it is hard for folks to

just a quick hint to everyone to help sort out the linen confusion...if it is big enough for a kingsized probably IS for my kingsized bed and not for the dog beds or floor.

rick called today to give an update on dixie...she is doing great! he is starting to do some light training with her and she is doing really well. he is going to wait for any saddle work until the vets check out her old spiral fracture to make sure all is well before he starts her on riding.

here is a nice thing that he said that i want to pass on to the staff and volunteers...he said that both of the times he was up here...he was so impressed with the positive energy flowing everywhere around here. he said everywhere he looked all of the people were smiling and happy and stopping to take time to be with each animal who crossed their path (this is what i think saints so special..that positive energy that comes from all of the great people here and just floats thru the air around us happy pixie dust falling on us all..) he said, dixie is a great and kind horse and he thinks coming here for awhile to recoup from the difficulties of her past life was the best thing in the world for her. so thank you guys for making it so happy and full of positive energy around here!!!!

and lynne! thx so much for networking with your friend...lacey (the senior rotti) is on trial with her. if it doesn't work out, we are the back up plan...but hopefully it will work out!!!

we had 2 sets of vets out today..herman came to check on brad and he did start him on oral antibiotics.

and brent came out to see flicka..he had to take out 2 more of her teeth (she is missing quite a few) because they were so loose. he wants us to start feeding her like gideon so we will slowly increase her a bit every day til we get there.

dionne let brad out for a bit to wander around...i watched him try to knock over her wheelbarrow a few times. what is with pigs and cows tossing wheelbarrows? how much fun can it really be????

ellie apparently wants her cake and she wants to eat it too. dionne told me she wants to hang out in that new area we built for her during the day AND go back into the barn to her bed in there at night.

honestly need a separate daytime AND a nighttime private ellie any of us get to have that in the real world? well...according to princesses do.

she is a lucky pig...if i could have two houses... one for day and one for night...i bet my bed sheets wouldn't get mixed up so much.

and shit! i went to london drugs after work to pick up the med refills and i totally forgot to buy a new channel changer...big sigh...i so wanted to be able to watch tv.



That's a funny comment about your bed linens (if it is big enough for a kingsized bed…it probably IS for my kingsized bed) got a chuckle about that


So good to read about the senior rotti - have been watching daily to see the outcome of that situation - another happy ending thanks to all of you - as for the pig wheelbarrow tossing - hysterical!

Bunny Horne

I think wheelbarrow tossing is the main sport of the barn guys - but you left out Ziggy and Chewy - for they too love a good wheelbarrow dump. I think they do it so you can keep repeating their names - No Chewy, don't you dare.... Chewy!!!!


Hi Carol - what did the vet say about Stevie? I was up there today and he looked pretty traumatized. Krista said he's on meds.


oh thankyou god for giving lacey a chance with marlin. i so so hope it works out. please be good lacey and get along with raison.