Rescue Journal

i start the day in tears and i end it with tylenol arthritis...

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2011

gosh i have been sore this week...i think it is all the weather changes. i finally took laura's parting advice and had a long, hot soak..i should have done it earlier cuz i do feel a bit better now.

we let the pigs put for a romp today...first charlotte and wills. they were so happy..pig folicking, brief spouts of made us all happy to see them feeling so good.

brad was out for a bit today too. i just want to remind folks not to be regularly hand feeding the barn guys treats. brad is getting food pushy..he sees a human and now he wants food. the barn guys can have treats in their feed bowls with their breakfast and dinners. and OCCASIONALLY we can secretly slip them a quiet treat. but we have to stop the daily, every weekend hand treat feeding...these barn guys are far too big to be crowding around, getting pushy and looking for treats. lets not start a real problem that will be very difficult to deal with. i would prefer they like and respect us for the kind attention we give...not demand treats or seek us out for what we put will put in their mouths.

i drove out to see dix at the end of the day...she is doing well. she is now sharing a paddock with a senior horse so she has some constant company. it was nice to see her and spend a few quiet minutes just being with was a good way to finish off the afternoon.

i was going to go get some groceries afterwards but i was just too beat, so i stopped for gas and picked up a couple of things. i do have to stop food shopping at gas stations tho..i came home with milk, cheerios and oreos. i highly doubt that is a nutritious meal plan for the upcoming week....oh well shopping was quick and easy and i am all into multi-tasking...get gas and food in one quick stop.
it works...sort of.

maggie did her first laundry shift...we just about killed her but what a trooper, she got everything thru. lynne only had to take a couple of really big things home...far better than bags and bags of stinky laundry to do.

i think i better go to bed now..i need a good sleep so i wake up tomorrow not feeling like an old creaky bag of arthritic shit.


Kelly B

Hi Carol-

Dixie is in with my horse, Brook, who is a rescue, too. She's a lovely old girl, and I'm so glad she and Dixie get along; I was thrilled when Rick decided to give them a try and it all worked out. Brook is 26 years old, and still full of beans, she's a sweetheart.

Dixie is happy as a clam, and she's fit in so well. She is going to make someone a lovely companion.