Rescue Journal

i started the day off in tears...

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2011

doris was euthanized today.

in discussion with the vet, we both felt that given her age, her isolated personality, her blindness, her deafness, her constant skin and eye just wasn't fair to add an eye removal on top of all of the daily challenges that she faced. once she was sedated, we also found a large and new mammary tumour...and that discovery cemented it for me that it was in doris's best interests to finally be free.

part of me is glad that she is now somewhere free from discomfort, somewhere quiet and peaceful where she will no longer have to deal with the burdens of life.

the other part of me is so very sad that i was never ever able to bring true joyfulness into her life. i never saw her joyfully happy and i am so sorry for that...i just could never seem to find her key.

i love you doris, rest well now in peace. i don't know if i helped or hindered you here, but if our best was not what was right for you, please forgive me.




I felt the same way about one of my previous cats. He came to me at 16 years old. Out of control diabetic and hyperthyroid and not wanted by his owners. I got all of his issues under control, even his runny poo. I only had him in my home for 8 months but I had known him for about three years. He was never really happy here. I knew it, he knew it. I did the best I could but I knew it wasn't enough. He appreciated it but he was still sad. He died suddenly of a massive blood clot at Animal Emergency. All Molson wanted was to be back with his previous owner. Knowing that all along almost made it sadder than his death.


I'm so sorry to read about Doris. My family and I made a point of meeting her at the Open House last June, after seeing her adorable photos. She was a very sweet little quiet one. She and Yoshi were tucked together in their special area, she seemed quite content.
And now they are together again.
I shed a tear today too.


I did notice that when she was in the Medical room with the rabbits that she did like to go outside for a walk. It was a slow walk, but I really think she liked to be able to go out and walk around in the fresh air.


Did she enjoy any sort of favorite foods?
Maybe even if she had something like that, that she enjoyed, then she did get some sort of happiness from life. All of her other senses had failed her unfortunately.
It is hard when you can't seem to break through somehow to the damage that has been done to them.


carol,you did the best of the best for her we can not always fix everything but we can give love, kindness and you gave doris all that and more. rip sweetheart, you were one of the very quiet ones, but no one ever forgot you. go say hi to yoshi for us and also little mister. be free now you were a little doll.