SAINTS has slipped to 12th ....

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2011

In the Aviva Community fund contest we need to be top ten in our category to move onto the next round. Through 14 days of voting we have bounced between 9th and 10th but today there was a surge in votes for a few other ideas and now SAINTS has slipped to 10th. Please vote for SAINTS and remind your friends and family ...

Thank you for supporting senior animals.

Click on this pretty badge to vote

if you LOVE voting we would also be appreciative if you could vote for S.A.I.N.T.S. Mission, BC in the Petfinder Shelter Challenge:

and vote for former saint Tucker to be the next FIDO dog :)


FIDO is looking for a dog to be in their next big commercial and they are also raising some much needed dollars. As their website says “We’re donating $1 for every Fido Casting Call vote, up to $200,000, to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

Who better than Tucker to be the next star of T.V fame and fortune? Please vote for him and tell everyone you can to do the same (you can vote every day until November 17th.)

Just go to click on the VOTE button and where it says name just enter “Cattermole’ and Tuck’s photo and casting sheet will come up.


Bunny Horne

I voted - will vote every day. I entered Cattermole and got the right Tucker.


I'm having trouble finding Tucker. The page is so busy it crashed. There are 3 pages of Tuckers. Can you give the name of who posted it? It might be easier to find him that way.