Rescue Journal

little dog...big worry.

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2011

yesterday was emotionally i was on afternoon shift so i didn't get home from work til 1030. then meghann needed a year to date operational report for a grant she is applying for (the new chicken area grant) so it was after midnight when i finally got to bed....and fergus became a big problem.

it is normal for him at bedtime to be a hyperactive, ball seeking, barking continually, in constant motion, moron. is time limited. it takes about a half an hour to work his bedtime energy out and then settle down to sleep. but last night that didn't happen...he kept winding himself up tighter and tighter until his normal for him hyperactivity became frantic, frenzied hyperactivity. within an hour i was greatly concerned that if he did not settle down, he was heading for massive seizure activity.

so i caught him on one of his trips up onto the bed, held onto his collar, massaged his back and tried to get him to calm down. it wasn't was like he had some kind of massive energy surge shooting thru him and he was actually trembling with the now pent up energy that needed release.

it was just weird...maybe clarify was weirder than usual for him.

if i had a crate in the house, i would have stuck him in that for a time out to help calm down...but i didn't and i was not trucking out to the shop at 2 oclock in the morning. so i leashed him and led him over to the bathroom and stuck him in is is has a thick and soft rug for resting in there.

he barked for about 15 minutes and then all was peaceful again. i was going to go get him, but i fell asleep so he was stuck in there til 6 oclock this morning. when i went in today..he was curled up on the rug in a pile of my dirty laundry. he had used his leftover energy to make a nice soft nest and appeared to have had a very comfortable sleep.

because he is deaf and a very sound sleeper, he stayed sleeping and looking so angelically innocent until i had a pee and woke him up to take back to my room. then he sleepily toddled up the steps to the bed, curled up and went back to sleep again....all was right in his world.

i don't know what got his knickers all in a knot last night...maybe it was the change with my afternoon shift and that i wasn't in with him til late...maybe he had a seizure earlier before i got home and he was in that frantic recovery state.

whatever it was is over tho and i am grateful for i was able to catch a few good hours of rest and so was he and that also is good.

i really do love sweet and innocent fergie...but sometimes he is a pain in the ass and a giant big worry...and i hope his seizure condition is not escalating again. i better get him in for bloodwork and see where his phenobarb levels are at.



Just wanted to thank you again, Carol, for all your help with the application. Much appreciated. :)

francesca Wilson

Carol, Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow (Wednesday).
Thanks, francesca


i have to take buddy into maple ridge for his surgery in a few minutes...i won't be home til about 930.


meg and i will hopefully be out earlier than planned as i just got called to cover a sick call at work for noon.