Rescue Journal

just the important stuff.

Carol  ·  Oct. 19, 2011

sebastion had his dental surgery today...he managed well. i will pick him up in the morning and bring him home.

wilma (aka sugar in foster care with zoe) had her eye enucleation surgery today...last week the pressure in her eye started going up and despite aggressive treatment..the pressure continued to rise over the next several days. wilma is fully blind in that eye so she should feel much better now.

tomorrow i am pretty sure we will have to be euthanizing cherry. she is not bouncing back this time with the fluids and antibiotics. tonight she is very poor...i don't think she has been out of her bed at all today. i gave her a cuddle, fixed her bed and re-wrapped her up in a soft fleece when i got home. she does not appear distressed in any way...she just settled right in and went back to sleep. i am pretty sure she is gearing down and reaching the end of her life journey.

we love you cherry...sleep well and in comfort tonight..tomorrow is another day.



Oh, little cherry pit - She's become such a part of the laundry area. Her little physical body sure has a large presence, especially when she wants pizza. I'm sorry to hear her time is nearing it's end. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day, maybe?
How is Pugsley doing?