Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2011

cherry passed very peacefully.

i remember the first time i met her...1.3 kilos of pissed off and totally enraged, screaming, mini bat-beast..just daring me to stick a finger into her carrier. my first words were happily..."oh...she is crazy!" and i have loved her since.
cherry shocked me when i realized that she had eaten 40 individual pizza's in a three week period between late august and mid-september...are you kidding me...a one kilo dog ate that much pizza????

pizza number 26

i know she was the one who ate it all tho...cuz i was the one who had to clean up her pizza face and over and over again the mini bat-beast would try to kill me...she hated her pizza face messed with.

pizza face

i will miss the pizza and toast dance at the laundry room gate whenever she heard the microwave door open or the toaster get popped down...and sometimes if she DIDN"T hear them...she would stare at you thru the wire to remind you that she was waiting to hear them so get on it now please.

cherry had the force with her....cherry had the force IN her....cherry was the force that we all faithfully served.


rest in peace cherry-pit, we will all miss you.


Ann C

Hugs to you Carol, I hope that Cherry gets lots of pizza in doggie heaven......sweet dreams little Cherry-Pit.


wondering how it is going for the piglets, how much money do you have, would it be feasiable for stephanie to take them let us all know.


i will miss her determined little body in the laundry room wanting more pizza, but yes i could see she was starting to sleep more and more. if you did not know she was there you would not have. she was such a little bit of a thing, but very feisty. will miss you cherry god speed .

Joan Mohr

Carol, I'm sorry to read about the loss of dear little Cherry. I saw her at your open house and fell in love and sponsored her at your auction benefit. Dear little soul.

Bunny Horne

Carol, you haven't yet blogged that SAINTS has advanced to the Semi-Final round of the AVIVA competition. I posted on my facebook thanking my friends for their votes. I assume if anyone wants to be added to the daily reminder to vote once the next round commences that they simply have to let you know. Congratulations. Now I've got to go vote for Tucker and the Fido competition and the pet shelter challenge.

Wendy Scott


I am sorry to hear about little Cherry. You can rest in peace knowing that you have done all you could for her, as you do for all the animals. Bless you for your kindness.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I am so sorry you lost your sweet Cherry Pit. I am glad she passed peacefully. My favorite story about her was the one you blogged recently where she ate so much pizza in one go that she was swaying back and forth. Now that is one determined 1 kilo dog. Everyone has a favorite story for each and every SAINT and that is my most favorite of Cherry. Rest in Peace - you will be greatly missed.