Rescue Journal

fine..i will update on the pigs and aviva...

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2011

but i was more interested in thinking and posting about cherry!

yes we made it into the semi finals of the aviva contest which shocked the crap out of me, i thought we had gotten knocked out in the end! voting for the semi finalists starts in december so jenn will have to remind all of us. anyway..thx so much to everyone who got us there!!! you guys totally ROCK!!!!!

i talked to steph today regarding the baby pig transport and i am so appreciative for their generous and kind offer to help us and the pigs. however... i have decided to leave the arrangements as they are for a few different reasons...the first being that this most likely a two day transport..not a one day turn around which means a probable sleep over on the island....rick has a cousin he can bunk with overnight if needed. i don't want anyone killed because the trip is too exhausting for there and back in one day. the ferry costs are $220 each way plus tax so pretty close to $500 just for the ferry...(we contacted BC ferries for an accurate and current cost based on vehicle and trailer length so there was no guessing.)...secondly..the arrangements have already been made and confirmed between the adopter and rick our transporter, they have exchanged emails and phone calls and both are now comfortable with working together..the timing of this transport was hard enough to accomplish with mutually acceptable dates and times for the transporter, for the adopter and for me (since we have to be available for loading at this end)...i really do not want to start over at square one again. and thirdly...this is a professional transport...rick has hauled professionally for years and does so for the spca on a regular basis so rick is used to traansporting different types of animals and steph's experience is while equally well grounded... is mainly in horses. hysterical 500 pound baby pigs on a very long transport haul are a whole new kettle of fish..and i do feel safer with a good strong man on board in case anything happens during transport.

we have raised about $275 so far and a couple of folks are bringing their donations this weekend and i haven't thrown in my 2 cents yet (but i will hit my bank tomorrow.) weighing it all together including that i had already had transport plans settled and in place with all parties in agreement before steph's kind offer came thru...i am sticking with the original works for works for the adopter and it works for rick and it works for the pigs...just not into figuring it all out again and re-doing it all over when the current plan is a good and safe plan that works for everyone involved.

ok...i am going back to melancholy thinking about the losses this week of doris, merry and cherry.



Call me if I can help in any way, luv ya Carol and bon voyage my darling Wilbur & Charlotte, sooo happy for them! And congrats on yer AVIVA status, keep voting!