Rescue Journal

blah, blah, guys must get tired of reading about every day life around here.

Carol  ·  Oct. 22, 2011

it seemed like barn feeding/bedtime took forever cuz i was moving steady and slow..i started early and did not want to rush...but it did only take just barely over an hour which is not bad considering how many barn yard guys there are.

apparently the house volunteers almost walked out as soon as they got here....the house had exploded in poop and ripped up beds. early shifts suck cuz i get up at 5 and am gone by 6..most everyone is still sleeping..they haven't gotten around to thinking about pooping (or playing) yet. but you can bet they start thinking about it as soon as i walk out of the door...and then they have 3 whole unattended hours to go nutz in.
nice for me...not so nice for everyone else.

so just a heads up to everyone..i am on early shift again tomorrow...sorry, i know day shifts are a little bit better cuz i can clean up before i go...but there is a reason there is a sign over the door that says..."welcome to pooh corner!" i might add another one that says..."welcome to my world!"

i think flicka is starting to look pretty good...she has put on a fair amount of weight and is not so scarecrow looking. i caught czar hesitantly making friends. i guess he is not so threatened her anymore and is finally starting to relax.
sigh..little bambi and june are playing in the kitchen so i shoved pugsley out so he doesn't try to join in....those two just get EVERYONE going..including turns into a circus around here.

poor papa john..he looks so sad in his confinement. i told him it is only for a week or so til we get the induction phase done and then he can come out again.

the vet called with rumple's bloodwork..he is cleared for surgery so he goes in the first week of novemeber.
monty is eating again...he is driving me insane with his good and bad days...i keep telling him...just eat then i know you are ok.



Minnie Pearl a hag??? No surprise there. I'll wear my gum boots tomorrow Lynne - See you then. And Carol, I never tire of hearing about the day to day things going on at SAINTS. I look forward to it.


it was kind of a shitty day today. lol. i thought it was bad in the big dog room but then saw the computer room and was glad i was where i was. it is a dog thing to poop and pee so no worrys. we got it done and it all looked pretty good. mini pearl was a bit of a hag .today, i am putting it down to her not feeling so good. lol again. gotta love her feisty attitude tho. see you all tomorrow.