Rescue Journal

buddy is a wanna-be hero...but i would prefer he minds his own business. unfortunately hero's come ready made.

Carol  ·  Oct. 23, 2011

first of all....thank you so much to everyone! with all of us together chipping in i think we raised just over $850 for the babes pig transport (we will put the extra towards the vet bills!) those lucky babes have so many really kind people in their little corner helping them to get to their new and so much improved happy lives...not bad for a couple of helpless babies who were living in an utter sludge pit a few weeks ago.

so on their very grateful behalf...thank you to constaple mead from the spca cruelty dept for getting them out of that hell hole and to the staff and volunteers at the spca shelter for caring for them and getting them safely to saints, ...thank you to janice from heartsonnoses pig sanctuary for finding a great home..thank you to brenda for GIVING them a great new home...thank you to stef and cheryl for offerring to undertake a very long journey and to rick for making the journey and moving them to their great new home and thank you to the saints staff, volunteers and supporters who all chipped in to help care for them and pay for their various needs ( including transport!!!) until they get to their brand new and forever home!!!

honestly...those two little pigs had a whole ARMY of fairy godmothers and fairy godfathers working together to help them out. it simply warms the cockles of this pig loving heart!!!!

laura took kristy home to foster...jerry bit her last week and laura while deeply loving jerry..has absolutely no intention of taking that dick-head home (she has too many little ones that he could bite too.) so instead she decided to wrap up his victim and get her away from the cranky beast so he doesn't get into trouble any more.

it is a good plan..but i think it work better all around if she brought her little previous sainted ones back here and just took jerry home instead!

speaking of dick heads....shane jumped minnie pearl today..he is utterly fed up with her bitchiness (can't say that i blame jumping of bitchy crippled dogs at saints!) there were three people in the room and three in the doorway.... 6 bodies between shane and me... everyone was yelling "HEY!" i think our intention was to startle them into stopping.

too funny and good luck with that...both shane and minnie pearl are stone deaf. and it didn't help that buddy the "i can stop them fighting!!!" jumped in to try to stop them himself and he is deaf as a post as well.

anyway..i did manage to wade thru the bodies of helpful dogs and horrified people and grab shane and nail him to the freaking floor,....."BAD DOG!!!"

deaf or not...he heard me REALLY well.

"oh....ooops..." says shane....."i think i am in BIG trouble now."

and dear hero buddy was pretty damn pleased with himself for being so very helpful and brave!

(oh and minnie pearl is absolutely fine. she immediately put back on her very best "toast face" in hopes of treats from all of the people currently conveniently close to the fridge.)



lol mary...not a freaking chance in hell. load up time tomorrow morning is 0645 am....(before i go to work) will still be dark and there is no way the twin uncooperative baby 500 pound pig gong show i am expecting is making it to film, esp with me in it..and i better not end up with pig poop in my hair!!!!


Oh Carol,

Make sure that someone takes pictures of the pigs moving to their new home. I can't imagine how you get 2 piggies into a truck. Should be interesting.


By getting enough votes in Round 2 and being in the top 10 SAINTS is in the semi finals that starts Dec 5 (sign up for my daily emails and I will let you know when to start voting just pop me an email: Round 2 is for new ideas or to give ideas from round 1 another chance to make it into the semis (which will have the top ten from Rounds 1,2 and 3).


Actually, it was before this round closed that I was trying. I haven't tried since SAINTS made it to the semi-finals.


People, the voting for Aviva is done for this round (15 votes I believe) & it does not matter if it is a Mac or Windows machine (I use Mac all the time) Elisabeth is right in her comment for round 2


Maybe I read the Aviva stuff wrong, but it says that SAINTS is a semi-finalist and the voting for that doesn't begin till Dec. 5th...I'm not clear on what Round 2 is for, then, because we can't vote right now.


Buddy was pissed right off at Shane yesterday. After it was all broken up, he was still giving Shane the stare down from his bed. I went over to give him a pet and tell him everything is ok now and Shane headed over towards us. Buddy puffed up his chest, looked him in the eye, gave a bit of a warning growl and tried to get off his bed and go towards Shane. I told him to relax and sit back down, his heroism was done for the day. He is SO not aggressive but he will not put up with any fighting around here! He wanted Shane to go take a time out for a while and think about what he did. I took him for a walk earlier in the day as well so Hero Buddy got lots of walking yesterday- which is good I think he enjoyed his alone time from the (sometimes)craziness!!

I laughed so hard when I read about them being deaf- uhhh duhhh lol didn't really think of that when I was also yelling to stop! (Brenda don't feel bad, you're not the only one haha) I keep picturing Carol, calm and knowing how to handle it, trying to break through the wall of hysterical screaming lunatics hahahah


I can't vote this round either. the "vote now" button doesn't seem to work. I'll try again later.


I am having the same problem with Aviva. They didn't send me the confirmation e mail for the longest time and now that they have it does not let me vote. I use a Mac so maybe that is the problem...?


Anyone else having trouble voting on Aviva? I click on vote but nothing happens. Will try again later.

Shelley Moore

Buddy is a great dog. He protected me when Big Bambi and Minnie Pearl got into it with me in the middle. He rushed over and pushed his way in and leaned up against my knees while I separated the other two scrappers. I couldn't believe a dog would be so brave and so protective of someone he didn't even know. He had such a terribly worried look on his face, like, Is everyone okay? Why can't we all just get along??

I love him.


not so much confidence....more like...purpose. buddy is a VERY loyal dog..he needs his chosen person near him to turn on his light...then he just beams blindingly bright! (don't tell him...but i am pretty fond of the silly old fool!)


Good point about them all being deaf - as I was one of the ones yelling "Hey" in a fierce voice today. Maybe we should all carry spray bottles of water? Anyway, I just wanted to say that I was really happy to take Buddy for a walk today, since both Anne and I thought he was on death's door earlier. He was just lying on his bed, not wanting to move, looking like he was not in good shape, until Carol came home at lunchtime - Then he became a different dog - jumping up, wagging his tail and following her everywhere happily. It was amazing - and he was eager to go for a walk after that. Glad he's ok - just missing Carol when she's not there; and he even tried to break up the fight once she was home. Her presence gives him confidence I guess!!