Rescue Journal

it was a bit of a rough go until midnight...

Carol  ·  Oct. 23, 2011

fergus was having smallish seizures....i am not sure if they were individual seizures in and of themselves or if it was the initial cluster activity of a grand mal trying to break thru.
in any case, i gave him some meds and that eventually worked and he went off to sleep. he was still quietly sleeping this morning, when i left for work.

heads up to the volunteers..please keep a close eye on him today.



fergus was having a good time today, there were no problems at all. the only problem were the other volunteers who insisted on giving me, can you believe me, a rough time. but i straightened them all out. lol. hope the baby pigs have a good journey, could not believe how big they were, and i was calling them piglets. how funny. had a good day at saints, the weather was beautiful, which sure helps. hope everyone has a good week. i have to blog that i will not be there next week as my grandchildren are coming down from fraser lake and i will be in town with them for the weekend. ouch, sorry. see you all in 2 weeks.