Rescue Journal

gwen has passed away.

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2011

she was with her most trusted and best loved friend who loved her with every inch of her heart. the bloodwork came back today that gwen was in fact bleeding internally, an emergency ultrasound discovered a bleeding tumor on her spleen that appeared to have spread into her liver too. mo had to make that horrible decision to end gwen's suffering out of her deep love for her.

mo...gwen is resting in peace tonight,,you gave her the very best life...full of love, full of fun, full of such kind and respectful care...she is so happy to have found you.

Mo's Gwen 2001-2011






So very sorry for your loss Mo. She looked like a wonderful dog. What you do for animals not only your own but the Saints family inspires me every day. Hang in there, your heart will eventually heal.


What a wonderful group of volunteers, supporters & blog followers SAINTS has. Everyone's comments on Gwen & my (our) loss of her has touched me deeply. She was like no other dog I have had the privilege of sharing my life with and i suspect there will not be another. i wish i had the words to express my feelings about how much she touched my heart & how her loss has affected me Levi & Roxie. Things have been ..different the last 2 days.. i can't put it into words and i know time will put us back on kilter ( is that a real word ) until then we muddle through the gaps left behind, shed tears , curse at the gods who decided it was her time...and eventually ..when i remember our great times walking on the dykes or hiking in the mountains it will bring me peace & perhaps make me smile.

GNW I love you

Barbara DeMott

Hi Mo,
there is nothing as wonderful as a GSD. I understand your loss as I have had several wonderful dogs through out my dog companion years. I currently love a rescue GSD who was dumped in Washington State, my Raven.
I am connected to a number of GSD rescues that I write for in California where, as you know, beautiful, healthy purebreds are killed every day. If ever you should look for another, there are many looking for you. And if you are willing to save an American GSD, I would be glad to recommend you.
My condolences, Barbara



I was a few months listening to a program and this person on the program was speaking about his own possible death... He said it wasn't afraid of death ... It was the pain his death would cause his family. And I was so struck by the comment and because you are my friend I so feel the pain I know you are going through.

I remember when I first saw Gwen at saints I was so struck by her beauty... She was just a stunning looking dog. I didn't know her well but whenever I did see her I was always aware that she had a regal quality about her and that Patrick was always a little bit unsure around her. I think a couple of times he was thinking I can take her and chickened out. Her quiet dignity must be German shepherd because Bernard had that same quality. And yet she had to be very mullti dimensional, as Bernard was, because I remember you telling
she barked like a maniac in the car and I was thinking who would of thought... I also remember when she had to stay at saints that she would try to break out of her prison to get to you on the weekends.
Your girl loved you deeply.


Sorry about Gwen.
You were both very lucky to have each other.
Take care.


Rest in peace now Gwen! You were a very sweet dog! So sorry for your loss Mo!!!

Carol Ann

Oh Mo I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Gwen was so very lucky to have you to love her and take care of her all these years. I know it hurts so much but just remember all the good times and laughs you had together. You are such a great Mom to your fur babies.

Cheryl K

Oh Mo I am so very sorry..she was such a lovely dog..when I first read she was ill in my heart I wondered about spleen cancer as we lost our Pal to that and it sounded very much the same..take care of yourself and Roxi and Levi and the kitties will also help...


Thank you all for you words...the house seems very empty this morning & reading these posts, I know I am not alone in my grief.


Mo, Carol & all who loved Gwen - so sorry on her loss - she was a lucky girl to have so much love.

Bunny Horne

MO - she was a beauty, she will be missed around the barnyard - she is forever with you - deepest sympathy in your loss.


so sorry for your loss mo. i hope you are ok, we share your pain but unfortunately cant lessen it.


same thing happened with our dear Remy. dear Gwen- i'm sorry Carol and Mo.

Ann C

So sorry Mo, hugs to you ....sweet dreams Gwen you will be missed so much.


Oh Mo - I just read the blog tonight at work and am so very sorry to hear about Gwen. Everyone's said it - She had a great life with you, - full of fun and love. I'm sending a big hug to you and Levi and Roxy.


So sorry Mo, such a loss of a truly great dog....her heart for sure belong to you her best friend....but she worked her way into all of our hearts....Gwen you will be hugely missed...


Oh Mo I'm so very sorry! Gwen was such a lovely girl and I will miss her very much


Loving Gwen was easy, everyone who got to know her loved her. I miss her so much right now

good night Gwen I love you


Mo, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your Gwen.She was a sweetheart and very special dog. You loved her with all your heart and she gave you the same. I'm hoping that she finds someone special where she is now that can give her her very special massage and butt rub.I will truly miss her on weekends, she was a good dog.


Mo I am so sorry you lost Gwen, you must be heartbroken. You gave her the amazing gift of being with someone who loved her unconditionally. She was a very lucky girl.


i'm so sorry mo. it's such a terrible shock with splenic cancer. big hugs from my crew.


i am so sorry mo, she was your beautiful girl and so lucky you found each other. my heart aches for you, what more can i say. she had saints on the weekend with you and you during the week she had the best of all possible worlds. so very very sorry. i would see her out at the barn and she was so happy. you did her good mo


So terribly sorry, Mo. She was a lucky girl to have such a loving home. She isn't suffering anymore, and will always be in your heart - we can't ask more than that for the beloved pets we've lost.


I am so very sorry for your very great loss Mo. What a beautiful girl, may she rest in peace.