Rescue Journal i am having a hot bath and then i start feeling like shit for dis'ing chows.

Carol  ·  Oct. 27, 2011

it was unfair and i apologise to the dogs of that breed.

chows are not vicious or unpredictable fact i have never in all of my years of living heard of even one chow ever going on a rampage and slicing his way thru a school yard full of kids. quite frankly a chow wouldn't bother..if he was out on a walkabout..he would have his own business to attend to and annilahating kids would just distract him from his purpose.

chows are great and loyal family dogs..they have a ton of refined dignity and grace.

the problem is they are not suck up social butterflies. they love and trust their families and the rest of the world is just dust under their feet. so when they come into a clinic, or a groomers, or a shelter or a kennel...we are simply not worthy enough to be allowed to take liberties with their royal person (and sometimes we have to) at times, they feel we need to be reminded of this.

chows are like cats (and akita's)..they don't like to be messed with by strangers..personally...i think they all got a drop or two of too much royal blood.

BUT..they are good long as you keep in mind that if you are not their chosen person..then you are not their boss.

ed's (or howard's) deafness is of absolute no consequence to me cuz even if he could hear...he still wouldn't listen to me...i am not his family....yet.



Lol Carol, and you think it would be a good idea for me to shave him? After eberything you said about Chows and their personal space and strangers messing with them? I don't mind as long as we have a correctly sized muzzle if he decides I am not allowed to mess with him.


If you name the chow Richard, you can call him Richard when he is being a good boy and Dick when he is being one.
Thank you so very much for the photos of the very beautiful Silver and my beloved Zig-a-licious from the Gala!


lol..the little guys are all good angelina...but the chow is quite badly matted in a few spots!

Ann C

Way to go Lynne that's great news for Lily. Have fun with your grandkids this weekend we will miss you!


on a different note, the old rotti , renamed lily, that was placed with the lady on my mailroute is doing great. she said lily has fit right in with her dog, they get along great together and she is not going anywhere. yeah for lily and for her new family.