Rescue Journal

not sure what is up with joey tonight but...

Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2011

i just went to move him over on the bed a bit and he started crying...i thought he was just being a big selfish bed oaf baby but when i tried to feel closer around his hips and knees to see if he was hurting anywhere, he started to cry even more. so i made a big fuss over him and gave him some metacam and tramadol in some little ceasars and in an hour or so i am going to start really poking around to see exactly where he is sore.

and now i remember earlier when christine and i were just about to go out the front door, hearing a couple of sharp yelps in the bedroom but when i looked in, everyone was just fine and looking right back at me. i wonder if he twisted something going up or down off of the bed? poor baby..i don't think i have ever seen him not feeling well before...he usually is just a charging and zipping and leaping around oaf.

hopefully the pain meds will help him and he feels better by morning...if not i will call the clinic and see if they can see him...joey just cannot be hurt or sick!

it looks like we are a little short on manpower tomorrow (mo, lynn, nicole, diana, veronika, zoe, ashley, carol anne, kerri and camryn are all, and ouch!)...but not to panic... i can do the barn feeding and turn out early and get an early start on cleaning the stalls and then i can come back in and work in the house...i think the mp building is covered??... if so it should all work out ok....i hope.

it sucks tho that it is supposed to be pissing down rain.....yikes!!! says the wicked rescuer of the west when she has to get wet...i'm melting............



ryan and ernie..thx so much you guys rock! but honestly we will be fine. and i personally think as staff bombarded by the saints animals multiple needs 5 days per week... you need your breaks on the weekend from the chaos and noise of these guys.

enjoy your days off...monday will be here quicker than you think!


Carol I would love to come in and help and will be there too! Hope Joey is ok.


Hey carol ill try and make it up there today to help out i am aiming 9-10 ish