Rescue Journal

we suddenly lost little big bud today.

Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2011

late this morning he had a massive GI bleed. renee and ryan rushed him into the vets and i met them there, the vet said there was nothing to be done, she suspected an unknown tumor had ruptured. we made the decision to help him go.


rest in peace bud..we all loved you and are so sorry to have lost were a great little big dog.



It has been such a week of loss , he was a sweet dog I will miss his eyes looking up at me when I visited the bedroom.. that door I talk about needs to close & stay closed for a while...please


i will always remember big bud as the dog who left carols bedroom and went into the big dog room to go to the bathroom. he sure as hell was not going to soil his room. it was too funny, as soon as he went into the other room i would push his big butt out the door and sure enough he would go pee or whatever, usually whatever. and you did not dare lift his bed up off the floor to clean, omg then he would have to wait for you to clean it he did like his creature comforts.i will miss him and him coming alive whenever he saw food. rip big bud, the bedroom will not be the same without you.


So sorry Carol. I am glad Renee and Ryan were there and you met them at the vet to help Little Bud pass peacefully.


omfg. thank fuck ryan and renee were there and he didnt suffer. shit we are all gonna miss him.


Dammit! Yes, Bud did have those could not go in the bedroom and leave without a pet and a kiss for him when he gave you that look. I think back to Mystics b-day party Oct 8th when I carried you outside so you would not miss the fun and of course the cake! Then having to carry you back in cause you were the last to leave the party....what its over are ya sure I think there may be more cake!! Will miss you Little Big Bud.

Carol Ann

oh no our sweet Bud, this is a shock. He will be missed. He had the sweetest disposition and when he looked at you with those eyes you could not deny him anything. RIP little Bud.

Bunny Horne

RIP Little Big Bud - your happy face and sweet disposition will be greatly missed.

Ann C

Oh no not Bud! He was such a sweetie, so sorry Carol hugs to you and to Erin who I know loves him lots. Sweet dreams little Buddie we will all miss you, the bedroom won't be the same without you.


Oh no, that's so sad. He was a really nice boy, and so quiet and calm,- with such a sweet face. Ok, enough with the "out of the blue" crises and deaths. So sorry Carol.