Rescue Journal

misty has passed away.

Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2011

kim found her dead this morning laying next to the food bowl. misty was about 16 years old and has been healthy and doing fine so her death was a shock. i checked her over carefully..good body weight, coat condition, no sign of any infection or looks like she just was having a snack and her heart gave out for some reason? now i am worried that she too was frightened by the sudden firework explosions last night right next to us and if her heart was failing, did it started a cardiac event?

bottom line is, i don't know why she suddenly died...she seemed perfectly fine to us and no one noticed any changes. the problem is that things can change in an instant on these elderly animals and if it is the middle of the night..i might not see.

rest in peace sweet misty, i am praying we did not miss anything.




i did not know her like i know the dogs, but am saddened to hear she passed away. rip, misty.


I've had first hand experience with blood clot and cardiac cats unfortunately. Brutal but quick. Very sad to hear about that.


im glad you like your pictures suzanne, jenny did such a great job with the photos i thought you might enjoy having them :)


In November of 2003 I lost an otherwise healthy cat (the absolute love of my life... I still cry for him). My vet said older cats often times will throw clots. He said the clots come completely without warning and that a cat who does this could not be saved even if this happened whilst in the vet's office. He said they are dead before they hit the ground. So, if that is what happened to Misty, it was at least mercifully brief. RIP Misty. I'm so sorry, Carol.
On a lighter note, thank you so very much for the photos of Silver and Zig-let from the Gala. They are both on my dresser so I see them daily.

Ann C

This has been a very sad week at saints. Sweet dreams Misty...hugs to you Carol.

Bunny Horne

Any update on Joey? Joey is very special - I hope he is going to be okay.
Brent and I are out tomorrow for our shift. If you are around can you touch base with Brent on the window coverings for winter so he can get started on that job before the super cold weather hits.


Oh my.... Misty and Bud... this was a shocking and very sad visit to the blog :( RIP you were both awesome lil guys... I hate feeling so guilty for not giving them extra special one on one time last few weeks... sometimes you really don't forsee these things at all...