Rescue Journal

so tonight my mind is currently full of the....

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2011

arrogent red fuzzy bastard.

that is the last freaking time i take ed for an off leash run in the upper field.

like he thinks i am stupid. he was only having fun toddling around for the first half hour, by then he was out of pee..the last hour was dinking around, just out of reach... to see how much patience i had.

so there i sat on a board with my back against the fence in the darkening mist waiting for him to for real notice me. oh he would slide his eyes over me and pick up speed as he passed me for his gazillionth circle around the field. and unless i wanted to chase him...(and my knee is in no shape for chasing him.)..i had to wait him out til he decided of his own free will to actually come to me.

anyway he is back in the office and he dared to whine for his dinner cuz i was not fast enough (maybe that was because i was stiff and sore and cold and damp from sitting on board on the ground in a god damn field FOREVER!)

red and fuzzy, stubborn, know it all dogs are a freaking pain in the ass.

i sure hope he soon doggies up and bonds with me...this royalty shit is hurting me!



I've had 2 horses that used to play games like that! Drove me up the wall!!!!

Bunny Horne

I agree with Carol Ann, I couldn't stop laughing. You never told us that Ed is a LAP DOG. Happy Halloween Carol and SAINTS.

Carol Ann

So sorry Carol but I am laughing so hard right now. reminds me of my precious and her horrid antics. I feel for you but it was still hilarious. One time precious stole a loaf of bread out of the car and I chased and then waited for ever, by the time I got it back it was bird food lol