Rescue Journal

i think we are locked down..volumes up...lights on...ready for halloween...yay the fireworks are just far they aren't too close.

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2011

updates for today....

i named the new scaredy cat...sad sam. he is still not eating and is still hiding in his hidey hole. tomorrow we will move him out of the computer room and over to the medical room where it is quieter. it means rock, mama t and cliff will lose either their couch or that last pen for a bit but better that than this cat loses his life due to more stress then he can currently deal with.

monty is holding his own so i am ok to keep going for a bit more.

may and ollie are doing absolutely fine...they are both friendly and eating well. super sweet and adorable little cats.

ed survived his vet on friday for neuter and a much needed dental.

joey also had his vet visit...just keep on as we are doing til his neck doesn't hurt him anymore.

oliver had his blood sugar curve...even with his last dose reduction down to 2 units of insulin...he still dropped down to 1.9 in his blood sugar curve today. sooo...we are thinking that he has probably reverted to non diabetic and is off all insulin for a week..then recheck and see what his blood sugars are at.

charlie is not doing well...we are at a cross roads. i need to decide between inserting a feeding tube or euthanization. on the plus side is her age and her past overall good health..on the negative side is this still might not work and then i just tortured her for longer.

i need to decide by tomorrow...i am not sure which is the right thing to do for charlie.


Carol Ann

I wasn't comparing Charley to those cats I was just agreeing with Erin that some animals who are treated badly harbor no resentment to people. Our beautiful Charley is one of those. Then there is Sweetie who is so screwed up and fearful of everything.


there is no comparison between charley (the dog) and these cats...charley was out and out long term abuse and neglect. these cats were with good people who loved them but were unable to deal with their issues....we need to recognise the differences here.

Carol Ann

so true Erin, Charley is the sweetest girl and look at what she endured at the hands of people. Miss you guys.


may and ollie? the two that spent a year locked in a cage? friendly and sweet? why is it that some of the worst treated animals harbour no ill will to the (supposed) higher race that tortured them. the lessons we could learn if only we would open our eyes.


two of my malamutes have hurt their necks in the last few years. One for trying to beat up her brother at 13 years old. Kiva was on metacam, tramadol and robaxin with limited activity and after 2 weeks, was back to normal.