Rescue Journal

i cannot believe i am writing this for the second time today but...we just lost harrison.

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2011

he went into respiratory distress this morning and i rushed him down to the vets. they found a massive tumor in his abdomen that had started pushing forwards into his chest.

i didn't know it was there..i didn't know he was sick. he was just the same old harrison, playfully swatting and biting me and blowing snot on my walls.... until today.

harrison came in soon after we opened from coquitlam animal control...he was blowing bloody snot back then and they thought he had a tumor in his nose and was probably terminal. 6 years later, harrison was still here...he didn't have a tumor back then...just a chronic and never ending nasal congestion and irritation....he was a chronic URI cat.

harrison was a bit of a dick head..once in awhile i would forget and play with him and then i would remember when i got hurt. but he was a huge presence here...just this quiet, dignified firecracker, silently and patiently waiting for me to forget and play with him so he could nail me again.

rest in peace were greatly loved.




I remember when Harrison came in , he reminded me a bit of Harrison Ford.. kinda rugged & well built. RIP Harrisson you were a great cat & many will miss you.


Wow a very sad day at saints. Sorry for your loss of both Charlie and Harrison.

Ann C

Oh no not Harrison he was my favourite cat, sweet dreams kitty...I will miss you.


Tough day Carol...

Best wishes to everybody at SAINTS who lost a friend ...


Harrison was a funny cat. I loved the constant stunned look on his face.

Carol Ann

oh dear not a good day. RIP Charlie and Harrison.
so sorry carol :(