Rescue Journal

there are 2 senior cats with some health issues at the spca....

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2011

that we were asked about last week. i sort of put them on hold cuz i wasn't sure if ollie and maybelle were coming in but i felt badly for them because of their story.
apparently their owner died and they were alone with their person in the house for several days until they all were found. that has got to be upsetting and traumatic for them...and i felt like their person would want them to have a place to go to if they can't be adopted because of age and health issues...all of them had grown old together....that has to mean something.

anyway..ollie and maybelle did come and then so did sad sam (who is STILL not eating!) (his missing girlfriend has not been found yet by the way.) so it was starting to look like we would probably not have room...all of the segregated new cat starting areas are full so we have nowhere to put need to moniter closely new ones.

i called the manager today and asked her...are they in cages still or are they in the communal rooms? she said they are in the communals and managing well. so i think we can safely take them and just confine them free in the back cat room. with the sad loss of misty this past weekend and now even more sadly of harrison, we can make the room for them in the house. since they are already doing well in a communal area, they should theoretically make the transition to here ok as well.

so tomorrow tammy and i will drive out to get them and bring them home.

when one passes on, they leave behind a second chance for someone is so sad and it is so true (at least in senior rescue.)



Think I'm getting mixed up with the other two cats from SPCA. I was meaning pics of cats whose owner died to post on my website.


Can you send me photos of Ollie and Maybelle once they arrive. I can put them on my website and FB Page. Perhaps Jenn can get some good pix. I'm glad you took them.


whenever is fine caylee...just call me and give me a heads up on the approx. time so i am around.


Hey Carol, sorry about all the recent losses. :(
Liam has come down from Revelstoke to visit me and I was hoping to come out and visit with Sebastian tomorrow if that is ok with you. I will be trying to get the afternoon off work, but I'm not sure if that is going to happen. What times are best for you, if it is ok for us to come out? When is the latest time to come out (in case I can't get time off) ? I don't want to upset things there. If it doesn't work out that is ok as well.