Rescue Journal

apparently i am hearing voices.....

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2011

i had weird dreams last night...they were all mixed up with people who were in the wrong i was briefly dreaming of playing with annabelle. eric and ang were there and eric was still eric except he was in the body of my brother michael and they all were happily living in a nice trailer..not in a nice townhouse where they really live. when i woke up..all i could think of was that was odd.

anyway...i fell back asleep and i started dreaming again...but this time when i woke up i couldn't remember what i was dreaming about except i had this authoritive voice ringing out in my brain....
"commit to today."


it was like that movie "field of dreams"..."if you build it they will come...."...except my deep and non helpful voice said....

"Commit to Today."

shit. that shot my brain into thinking gear and sleeping mode slipped away.

why is some know it all voice in my head, telling me to commit today?
i commit to today everyday.
and then i got yeah committing to today is important...but what about tomorrow? i can't let today screw up tomorrow. and what about yesterday? cuz yesterday does influence my today.

oh yay...back on the stupid and pointless thinking merry go round..time to get off and get up and start today. it sucks to get up at 6 am on a vacation day for no other reason then your head starts thinking about whacky it doesn't have enough important shit to think about while i AM committing to today....(that voice should go teach his grandmother to suck eggs!)

sad sam got moved over to the mp cat room pen..he is still in a cage til he settles. the downside of having him over there is i can't pop in and check up and bug him and see how he is doing as frequently as when he was right behind my computer chair.

minnie pearl got into big trouble for climbing under a shelf to terrorize daisy last night..i am considering moving minnie pearl up into the laundry area simply because she is a freaking hag.

mystic and i had a long and soft cuddle last night before i fell asleep. and the two things i noticed during the snuggle was...A. how much i love her and B... how much she needs professional grooming.

cliff's nose is on a is his chronic nasal congestion again. we have upped his zithromax from 2x per week to daily for now in the hopes of decreasing his irritation. other than that for a feline leukemia cat...he is doing really well. he and mama t and the rock have really liked their move over to the medical room so i am happy about that. and they won't lose their couch right now either since sam went over into charlie's empty cage.

the ferrier was here all was pretty good news. she is really happy with how pops is doing. gilberts feet look better then they ever have. but flicka does have some issues from not having long term hoof care..and i am to buy coppertox for her feet today.

someone was setting off fireworks again last night so i had to quickly lock everyone in. it was so dark that i took a flashlight out to check the yards and make sure i did not shut anyone out.

note to everyone...

one of the large dogs in the big dog room/bedroom having black stools. they are big poops so i know it is from a big dog...mystic? smokey? ewok? jesse? or al?..i need to know which one it is cuz someone has old blood from high up in the GI tract coming thru (hence the coal black (not to be mistaken for deep brown)...color) soooo...if anyone could stop and take a second if they see any of those guys poop and let me know what color it is...i would greatly appreciate it.

i bet sherlock holmes never had to solve mysteries by looking at poop....but then sherlock holmes would probably suck in rescue...his mind was too analytical.. in rescue sometimes you have to think with your gut.

oh well..i guess i better go and obey that voice and commit to today whatever the heck that is supposed to mean. i think if you do hear voices, maybe you should pay long as they aren't telling you to do something nutz.



hi wendy...nice to hear from you. both dogs are doing well. thxx for the backgorund info..i will keep it in mind as i track the culprit down.

Wendy Scott

Hi Carol,

I don't know if this helps. Our vet put Ewok on Dermamax because of her difficulty in getting up in fall last year. She was unable to get up without assistance of a towel around her back end. Dr. Anvik said he thought it was arthritis and put her on the Dermamax. I cut the dose down to 1/2 tablet every other day as didn't want a problem with her stomach. In June I had to take her off as she got very sick-vomiting and black loose stools. Back to the vet-he said it was probably the dermamax that did it. He said she would have to stay off it and gave her an antibiotic for one week. After a week of loose stools she got better. I was wondering how she is doing? She seems to be more mobile by what I hear on the blog. I hear she is down to pond every day. I miss Smokey and Ewok but know they are together and that they have a home. It is very hard for me to accept that I can not see them again, and it breaks my heart.
I hope this information helps you. I read your blog every day .Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Thank you and your volunteers.