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New Tails and Happy Tails and Sad Tails

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2011

Over the last few weeks we have had a lot of newbies in. I don't have pictures of the new ones that arrived this week but I would like to introduce you to the new tails here at SAINTS:


Papa John




Flicka (and Pops)


Coco Puff



I have posted a bunch of new pictures on the SAINTS Facebook Page in the October Album

Here are some Happy Tails:

This is a story about Wilbur and Charolette off to their new home posted on the BC SPCA's website and will be featured in their printed newsletter:

--although Wilbur and Charolette have gone onto a even better home
here is an update posted on Diggin' Pigs Lovin' Goats Facebook page
Wilbur and Charlotte are settling into the routine around the farm. They're lovin' the meals here with all the great gleanings I've found. Supper was rolled organic barley, yogurt, cheddar cheese, and a bunch of Chum Salmon heads and carcasses. Yum!
The big challenge is that Wilbur is actually a bit bigger than my barrow Mollison and the male tension is big. I'd never thought of this as he was supposed to be 7 months old and should have been significantly smaller. I don't know how it will work out as I can't leave them unattended. Bummer.

Here is another update on former SAINTS Nudge:


Hi Carol! I know I have said this before a thousand times but I'm saying it again so that makes it a thousand and one times, Nudge is such a lovely, lovely cat. I am so lucky to have adopted her from Saints and have her in my home. Her easy going manner and gentle nature make her a joy to be around. She is beautiful inside and out. Hard to believe I have had her almost 5 years. To think she was almost put to sleep because of her mega-colon and nobody wanted her so she ended up being surrendered to Vetcetera on Grandview. How she ended up at Saints I don't know but I'm glad she did or I would not have her now. She is such a good friend and will be 12 next year. She's still a "heavy set" girl but she is so warm and cuddly and she just loves lounging on the bed or in front of the fire. I have taught her to do the "pony jump", when you show her the flat of your hand she jumps up to "nudge" it! She won't be dressing up for Halloween but she will be having her annual photo with Santa in early December. A great great cat and a "happy tale" from Saints.

Emma Baldwin, Feline Fancies Pet Care Services

as you can see all animals have value but many animals find themselves without a home ... here is a a sad tail ... Hal is at the vet clinic of one of our volunteers and he does not have much time. He needs a home and he might be your nest best firend. If you want to help this sweety, please email


This is Hal (we renamed him at the clinic, he was previously just 'kitty'). He has been nearly impossible to get a good picture of!

He's ~10 yr old persian, male neutered, black exotic shorthair. His owner brought him to our clinic for euthanasia because he wasn't using his litterbox. Our vet refused and we have had him in hospital with us for the past few weeks but we need to find him a home! He's really sweet and talks.... a lot! He uses the litterbox in his kennel (although I don't know if he would in a house... can't make that guarantee!) He's been tested for FELV/FIV and is negative, had a full geriatric blood panel/urinalysis done, vaccinated.... But he needs to go to a home that realizes he may start peeing everywhere again and be prepared to deal with it. He also will need a dental cleaning, with possible extractions. I don't want him to go to someone to only be back in the same situation again. Thank you so much for posting this on the blog for me! I really appreciate it. If we don't manage to find a home for him soon then we are going to have to euthanize.... and I hate to think about that.




Thanks Zoe! I'll keep you updated on his status. My boss is awesome and will let us keep him at the clinic for a little while yet.... but I'll let you know if I need you to take him :) We can talk Sunday!


I don't have any room in my fur family at the moment but won't let him be put down... worse comes to worst if he is going to be euthanized Ashley, I will take him temporarily until we find him a loving forever home. I know it is stressful on them to jump around like that but it's better than premature death, right?


Thats her!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES! and surgeries done too! Now we have Shirley a beautiful pb gsd that needs a calm quiet place. She is very nervous and underweight, as well as extremely picky. not very old just supposed to be 6-7. Dont worry Carol I think your place is way to busy for her too. Sigh. But if anyone one would like to foster....


is that the fox terrier with the mammary tumors that i said we would look at at the end of nov? if so.....yay jan!!! great work!!!!!


Please pass along this information-- The vet clinic may want to contact someone at this organization ASAP--
They are located in the Midwest of the US, but have lots of contacts all over. They may offer to put a photo and write-up of Hal on their site and help to publicize his plight. Please don't give up on him! I have an Exotic Shorthair like him, and she has the most wonderful personality. I wish I could take him, but can barely afford to feed the animals that I have.


Hey Emmma, if you read this can you contact me at
Say hi to Nudge for me.


Aaawww you posted my Nudge! I have a sprayer and pee'ers in my home right now. I have a shower curtain on the couch underneath the couch cover and plastic sheets under every cat bed as well as plug in Feliways in each room. Pully ended up on anti anxiety meds as her peeing stemmed from being dumped by her previous owners after 16 years and she was depressed and not adjusting to being at mine. I knew Thomas was a sprayer before he came here. Its a multicat household so I expect inappropriate pee from time to time. Pully is feeling so much better after being on some meds for six months and has started using the litterbox again and Thomas hasn't sprayed since his thyroid became normal. I've learnt to manage it in a way that works for me. It hasn't been easy and what works for one cat does not work for another. Its been a tough year managing them all but all is quiet on the western pee front for now (should I have said that out loud?).