Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2011

sad sam ate a bit last night so that was good. we will hold off one more day and see how he does today before starting to force feed..i don't want to stress him out needlessly more.

ryan and isabelle noticed oliver is a acting a bit down. so we checked his blood sugars and they are up to 23.8 so i called the vets for instructions and am waiting to hear back.

joey is screaming again today..which is too bad because i thought yesterday he was much better and was thru the worst of it. problem is once they do feel better, they move more freely and are more likely to irritate the injury again.

i now remember why i hate puppies...because they are stupid and too great of a responsibility for me. pugsly in one day/one encounter developed a fear imprint reaction to one of our male staff members simply because he came in wearing a hat (puppies can have fear imprint stages at various times from birth up to about 2 or so.) pugsly has known him since he arrived here but now because of a hat...he is freaking out whenever ernie comes in the house.
this now becomes tricky cuz we can't shut him up with the spray bottle or yelling at him or any other negative crap because that will just reinforce that his irrational fear is rational after all.

so tomorrow and for the next week or so...ernie is going to be having his lunch in the computer room with the dogs and he will be sharing his lunch with the giant idiot stick.

good news on that husky at animal control..he had his vet check today and the vets feel the tumors are very easy to remove and may be beign so that keeps him adoptable and he can stay where he is! yay! so AC will book in his surgery date.. and they will put on as much as they can towards his medical bill and we will pick up the rest. everyone involved says this is a very, very nice dog so i am really glad, everything is working out for him well!

dionne and avery had a huge scare today when they looked up and saw emily grazing out on the road! apparently she basically pushed and then walked over part of the fencing in the bottom field. note to everyone...the bottom field is closed to all farm animals until we can somehow find the money to re-fence the field down there...that whole fence is on it's last legs.

don't suppose anyone knows anyone rich like donald trump who would like to build us a fence? i am figuring at worst case scenario (because it has to be both cow, giant pig and big/little dog proof which means VERY sturdy plus using the expensive dog proof wire and it is a very big area to re-fence)...we might be looking at about $15 thousand dollars..oh my freaking god.... ouch!

barring the sudden and magical appearence of a very kind and rich person...i guess i better come up with a more practical near future fence building plan.

oh yay.



we need at least 5...preferrably 6 feet ...maybe i am wrong but all of the fence posts holes i have watched steve dig around here seemed at least 2 ft deep and those posts were all cemented not i would think for a pounded post to be needs to go even deeper.


How high were you wanting the fence? Up here cattle and horse fence posts are pounded in a foot and a half at the most.


7 footers won't work...they needed to be pounded in at least 3 ft so that would only be a 4 foot high fence. but thx for looking!


how many posts will you need? There are 7' ones for sale on FV CL for $4 ea as compared to $7. perhaps a deal can be made? Located in Sardis. Maybe they "like" to fence??


Carol I can only work 7-12 tomorrow as the production I'm working on has decided to make our call earlier then it was supposed to be. Sorry!!!!


Good for Sam - glad to hear he ate something (even a little bit is good!). Was going to come up and cuddle him for half an hour today, but have the serviceman here trying to get my heating system working (hasn't worked for over a week - heat pump....) I've been keeping warm with plug-in heaters.


Yikes!!! Just for a fence? I don't know anyone but I do remember when I worked for Hydro before I retired, sometimes they were looking for charities to donate to. It's also the end of the calendar year soon so maybe some big corporate business is looking to get a tax break and donate. It's worth a try, maybe in return for a little PR and posting a thank-you in the local paper. Maybe Hydro and Telus could split it 50/50 and get some positive publicity for it.