Rescue Journal

quick updates and heads up for the weekend (i am back to work.)

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2011

rumple is home...he was under anaesthetic for four and a half hours yesterday so he is still pretty bagged.
cocoa is home...his back feet are bandaged so he can't rip his ears anymore...ed is home...his testicles were odd..shrunken and malformed and his sore mouth issue was a front canine tooth that at some point got knocked forward and had literally grown into the inside of his upper lip like some kind of wierd tribal piercing. it was all infected...he is going to feel so much better with it out....but they said he has a big and probably permanent hole there now.

i went and saw dixie today...she looks fine..i don't know if she cares if i visit her or not but i like to see her so i go out when i can spare an hour or so.

heads up to the weekend volunteers... benny is sore right now on his hind right knee so he might as well hang out at the house and rest it. rumple is not to go out to the barn yet...he needs some recovery time and he just gets soft canned food. joey should probably not be too active but he can go out to the barn as long as he isn't a gooofy running around gomer. ed is ok for leash walks still so go ahead and walk him...he likes it. minnie pearl will stay out of trouble if she stays in the entranceway while everyone is here and up in the laundry area alone when everyone leaves. and sad sam is starting to eat on his own but please leave me a note about how much canned food he gets so i know how much he eats. also the little space monkey cats...maybelle and ollie have a litter box in their pen that is lined with towels...they like to pee in that so just give them fresh small towels in it (it is easier on their little de-clawed feet.)

the fun thing today was like 20..... foot and a half tall little people all holding on to a bright yellow rope. they came over from the preschool to visit. we found them at the farm gates with their daycare guardians...

"can we come in?" says several little ones...
no you can't cuz the big guys might step on you.
"why?" they asked...
because they are big and stupid.
"what's that white thing over there?"..."
what white thing?
...."the white thing over there?"...
that is a horse.
"why is that a horse?"..."
i don't know he just is."

"can i pet the cow? can i pet the cow? can i pet the cow? can i pet the cow?"

so we pick them up one by one so they can pet the cows.

one little pretty in pink blonde sweetie with a tiara like sparkling headband said "he better not slobber on me...ewwww..he didn't brush his teeth today!"
(no he did not.)

too funny.... i love little short baby humans...they are too freaking cute!!!



Today I gave Sad Sam half a can of Fancy Feast with some of the same chicken liver and broth puree I made up for Monty poured on top.