Rescue Journal

so...just to switch things up around here...

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2011

for once i am only going to write about some of the ones doing well..instead of the ones who are not.

but first...just for the so far today stuff...rumple had his neuter and massive dental yesterday...i will pick him up from the vets this morning. cocoa is in at the vets for ripping his ears to shit...his back feet are now bandaged. this is what i get for taking in a very well vetted cat on long term meds for a chronic ear problems and don't take him into our vet to follow up cuz cocoa has ear mites....duh..apparently i am dumb as a post we have to treat all of the cats back in that area. and goes ed for his neuter and dental...i so hope he is a very good boy! the other (good) updates that i never get around to writing.

long john silver has gone from an emaciated, frail and ancient looking hairless cat to a chubby and vibrantly busy little guy.

mac has gone from a spraying, dirty and thin, beat up looking, old crusty bush cat to an almost fat, fluffy, silky soft, handsome not so old looking cat...(not sure if he is still spraying or not..he might still be in that club...hard to know because membership into that club is pretty damn popular....the orange boys, conan..and now rocky the new guy)

bear has gone from a hyperactive, barking non stop, in your face a calmer, more dignified, yet still playful and friendly senior...he has settled into an almost perfect senior dog as he gently drops his slimey multi-colored rubber toy on my toes as i write this today.

and while big bambi still has her occasional haggy days she is much better than she was. she is more tolerant and accepting around the other dogs...AND she has pretty much lost that amazingly large bootie ass that she once had.

esther is still my mind one of the nicest dogs in the world. except for her obsession with snacking..she is totally great in every way.

sketchy, half feral morgan has turned into a sweet, friendly social butterfly...and i am pretty sure by how much she guards the door to the crawl space that she is the rat slayer hero i have been looking for.

little bambi is still one of the greatest and bravest dogs that i know...she will almost nightly take on the chore of playing with june for a while to tire june out. and somehow she manages not to let her hanging out tongue or toothless mouth get in the way of cheerfully beating up my giant monster dog.

shane is acting younger and more moronic every day as he ages...time is going backwards for this old dog.

andy has so many dogs now who will happliy fence fight with him...big bambi, pugsley, little bambi, shane, benny and june on the opposing team...with jesse and mystic, joey, daphne and hilda as back up on his team...he is in happy, team sport fence fighting heaven....he has a whole whack of good sporting friends on both teams now.

puff daddy while still having his major dick head a completely happy and cheerful dick head. he loves the pond and thundering around in the mud with the big guys and isn't too upset with having to eat, sleep, and chew on his toys away from everyone else.

and while i few months ago i was pretty sure that we would be losing mama t pretty soon...she has rebounded back and is a fat and happy cat whose FeLV seems to have taken a big step backwards. runs.. and i better go see if sad sam ate last night or if we are going to start force feeding.

oh...and i think someone read the frustrated blog yesterday...apparently flea cat now has a place to go for at least a couple of weeks and they will try to find him another home so we are now just his back up plan.i have said it before..whining works.

and i don't feel the least bit guilty for whining either cuz we do have far too many unwanted senior animals that we have to somehow make this overful shelter into a home they can do well costs a ton of money and it takes a ton of heartache, worry, work and i will continue to whine about my rescue world...whining is a necessity. it is far more satisfying than going completely insane with quiet, graceful, and angelic dignity...that is so not me!



Thank you for the update on Silver! Based on his photos I find him to be strikingly beautiful, so I'm glad he feels as well as he looks!
Hugs to him and precious Zig-a-licious from auntie suzanne.


So good to hear so many of your seniors are getting younger and happier all the time. I adopted a 15 yr. old rat terrier mix in September and am seeing similar improvements...since her teeth were fixed and she now has adapted to her new environment and schedule, she's become quite a lively girl who seems to be enjoying walks, food and pets quite a bit!


So happy to see all of the updates!!!!! Please Sad Sam, eat. Carol and SAINTS has really good food and if you find your favorite people food you get that too!!!!