Rescue Journal

lessons from the coffee cup.

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2011

jenn called me last saturday..she had left her favorite travelling coffee cup here. it is a very pretty and soft greeny blue. i said i would find it and drop it off for her.
then i forgot.
later i ran across it on the counter next to the fridge and then i remembered.
but then i forgot again.
that night i saw it and remembered again so i moved it over onto the other counter with my cell phone and keys so i would remember to grab it in the morning.
the next morning i grabbed my keys and cell phone and forgot the coffee cup.
when i got home at lunch i looked at it and thought..this is just stupid...put it right on the counter next to the door and take it for sure in tomorrow.

tomorrow came and i saw the cup just as i was leaving the kitchen. i took the cup with my keys and cell phone into the bedroom while i was doing the insulins. when i left for work, i forgot the cup on the shelf in my room and then i worried about it all day that mystic would find it, eat it, and i would be in big trouble with jenn.

this morning i FINALLY remembered to grab the freaking thing and take it out to my car and since i had to go into the mp building before i left for work to do the early meds and insulins..i set the cup on the hood of my car.

when i got into work..i remembered the coffee cup..shit! i was pretty sure the thing had fallen off while i was pulling out of the driveway cuz it was NOT inside my car. i was so hoping i hadn't run over it.

apparently ryan had found it in the driveway and stuck it up on the fence. isabelle found it on the fence and brought it into the house, washed it out and put it up in the rack to dry.
when i came home for lunch today, i took the god damn thing out of the rack and put it back on the counter next to the fridge so that when jenn comes out next weekend she can grab it from where she left it.

so... what did i learn from my inability to actually return my daughter's favorite coffee cup?

i am a coffee cup incompetent....(probably because i actually think coffee kind of sucks,)


Bunny Horne

Carol, just an update on your window stuff... Brent picked up all the supplies yesterday and has the receipt for you. He is pre-cutting all of the plastic and the baffles at his workplace - he thought it was safer than trying to lay plastic out at Saints and have Mystic yanking on one end - tearing it to shreds, Joey peeing all over it, etc. We will bring it with us on Friday, the 11th and he can start the installation. Just letting the house warriors know as most of the dogs will probably spend the day at the window barking at Brent. Sorry guys....

Bunny Horne

Ewwww - cat pee on Jenn's cup.... I will take Percy green slobber all over my thermos any day.

Ann C

I'm busting a gut over this one, Carol you have out done yourself, and isn't this a perfect example of "what goes around comes around"? hahahaha


my other post went out the window'' sheesh ' oh well its was way funny'' & i needed a laugh tonight'' much love and hugz to all who help here and work so hard ''all of you''!! PollyB


funniest everrrrrrrrrrrr ! LOl i saw a guy once driving with his wallet on his car ''lol


that is too funny. i will really take care of my coffee cup next time i am there. lol


I also can't stop laughing ... I wonder if the 3 other coffee cups I have "left" and "lost" at SAINTS over the years are in the "coffee cup graveyard" ????


ok, just to be safe...i decided to move it..jenn! your cup is up in the coffee cup graveyard (the cupboard next to the sink) with the 20 other traveling coffee cups that other folks have left here.


no i didn't...but now i am kind of worried that conan the barbarian cat might piss on it....then i WILL be in big trouble with maybe i better move it again?

Bunny Horne

OMG I can't stop laughing. At least you didn't run over it in the driveway. Or did you?