Rescue Journal

i so totally have a major headache...

Carol  ·  Nov. 10, 2011

we had a large group of 30+ douglas college vet assistent students for a tour today. it was a great group and i think they all thoroughly enjoyed their visit so that was great. but that is a pretty big single tour to take thru so it was pretty cramped in most of the areas...thankfully the weather was good which meant extra time spent out in the sun with the barn guys.

i had to tell the staff we were cutting hours because money is a huge concern right now. luckily our new staff member just stopped coming on his own at all this week so at least that was one less person i had to upset.

nicky and may are currently stuck together in the kitchen..may is not spayed yet but nicky is neutered. i don't know what the hell he was thinking but whatever it was has gotten him stuck for a bit. dogs are sometimes soooo stupid.

first thing this morning minnie pearl bit shane in the ear.
june barked at the students the whole time they were here.
but now that everyone is gone for the day... the dogs are currently sleeping...(except for nicky and may who have to wait til nicky's pride and joy actually remembers it doesn't work that way any more.)



i am here today angelina and can do the meds...but thx for checking! enjoy the day without rushing out here, we are ok!


I can't remember are you home tomorrow or do you need me to pop in and do meds? It might be a bit later after the remembrance day ceremony.