Rescue Journal

go ahead and shoot me...

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2011

ask me if i care.

new cat in...her name is tristie...and this is NOT MY FAULT.

it is sort of a convoluted story that spans about 15 years and isn't it interesting that this is how old tristie is...not that her story has much to do with the time span i am currently wallowing in.

anyway...when i was a newby in private rescue, deanna had been in it for YEARS! she is an old time rescuer..can trap a cat off the street and find some place to stick it in the blink of an eye. i wouldn't even fathom a guess on how many cats and dogs over the decades have come thru her hands....but i know there are probably thousands..she never was one to dink around.

anyway she has been my friend for a long time and a few years ago because she is getting old and has some major health issues...she made me the executor of her estate which pretty much just includes animals and various rescue paraphanalia plus a whole shit load of boxes filled with god knows what. so since she is my friend and she doesn't have any family..i am the executor of her will. and i have already told her, she better not freaking die or i will hunt her down and kill her...there is no way i want to have to deal with all of her shit.

deanna still does a bit of rescue and that is where tristie comes in. apparently this 15 year old cat has been bounced from pillar to post in and out of shelters, in and out of foster homes cuz the cat is a cranky calico bitch.

so deanna called me a couple of weeks ago cuz tristie was getting kicked out of another foster home and i said we are too full, call me in a couple of weeks. and then i pretty much never answered my phone again. not to be roadblocked by my immature avoidence games, deanna showed up today, wanting to know when i was taking the cat.
since she looks like shit and death warmed over (she has horrible rheumatoid arthritis so everything is pretty much messed up with her but today it is her back that is hurting her so badly)...and i am not risking her knocking off anytime soon, especially over hauling around a cranky and homeless cat with no where to stick her..... i said fine, she could come in now.... so deanna just dropped her off.

my plan is actually to die BEFORE deanna so i don't have to do the executor thing..but i have to keep her alive and well until then so when she has a big problem cat, it is in my very best interests to help her out.

one cranky 15 yr old cat is not too much to pay for my continued peace of mind.

sigh...welcome to saints tristie....deanna knows how to slip a cat in under the wire.



oh crap i thought you meant deanna looked like shit and death warmed over my mistake lol i think, thank god for you carol that deanna is going to be around for a long time. she is one feisty old lady she is not going anywhere too soon. if she does then i will help you with her whatever.